Case Study on Psychological Abuse

Psychological Abuse Case Study:

Psychological abuse is the complex of actions which cause harm to the human being and they are based on the use of the rude words, threatening, ignoring and other psychological techniques which influence the opponent’s self-esteem and well-being. There are two main types of abuse – physical and psychological ones. The physical abuse is characterized with the harm to the human body, but psychological abuse is supposed to be even more dangerous, because the human psychics is more vulnerable than muscles. There are many different forms of psychological abuse which differ from one another with frequency, complexity and strength. First of all it is mocking and name calling.These methods are very popular at school and probably every child faced this problem quarrelling with his classmates.

It is natural that many children feel bad because of this type of abuse and their self-esteem reduces, so teachers and parents have to follow the way their children communicate with one another to avoid such situations.Another popular form of psychological abuse is threatening which is characterized with different sorts of treats. For example, parents often practise this method to make their children study better. More often this method is practised also at school and in social networks. Sometimes psychological abuse has the form of isolation, when the human being is deprived of the contact with the surrounding world because of different reasons. This method is practised against children and elderly people who can not take care after themselves alone.

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Finally, there is the method of excluding of the person from important activities and events, for example, the child is deprived of the chance to go to the concert or Disneyland.Psychological abuse is a serious form of insulting the human being which can cause more harm than physical abuse. The student who has decided to observe the case on this kind of abuse should collect much information about the peculiarities of the abuse and its character. It is important to create the plan of the research and learn about the cause and effect of psychological abuse and its different forms. The student has also the opportunity to solve the case in the right way and suggest the adequate solution towards the problem of psychological abuse.

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