Domestic Abuse Case Study

Case Study on Domestic Abuse:

Domestic abuse is a complex of problems that are connected with physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and any other form of abuse that occurs at home.

Naturally, domestic abuse is a relevant problem, because more than 50% of families suffer from it. The forms of domestic abuse are quite different. One can mention physical, emotional, economic, sexual, verbal and other types of abuse. The problem of marital rape is also quite urgent nowadays though very few people speak about it openly. Domestic abuse is closely connected with cultural and social peculiarities of society. The absolute number of cases related with domestic abuse are conducted by men or husbands.

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They have got used to their dominant role in human society and they treat their wives as subordinate partners. Then, this problem is closely connected with female rights and children rights.For centuries, women have been deprived of any solid rights and all essential decisions have been made by men. Domestic abuse occurs when a victim cannot protect herself. As a result, some husbands hit their wives, control them severely, abuse them in financial way, threaten and humiliate them and most often, they are not punished. The absolute number of victims of domestic abuse stay silent about it.

The problem is even more serious when it touches upon children. Nearly every third child suffers from physical and emotional abuse that causes harm to its physical and mental health. Such phenomena as child marriage are also treated like a form of domestic abuse. Finally, domestic abuse is not always caused by male. There are many cases when wives cause harm to their husbands and the latter live in constant stress and under permanent emotional pressure.Domestic abuse is a serious problem in human society and one should observe it in detail if he wants to solve it effectively.

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