Case Study on Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse Case Study:

Financial abuse is the action of limiting one’s access towards his banking accounts or taking control over his finance with the purpose of limiting his freedom of choice and wellbeing.Financial abuse has always existed in the human civilization, because money is a very powerful means of manipulation. The human being will do nothing without money, so when one is limited in finance, he will not have the full life.Years ago husbands could manipulate their wives with the help of money, for example, deprived her of the access towards money in order to make her stay at home, etc. Nowadays there are similar situations when women are not permitted to go to work as their husbands wants to make them stay at home.

Children and young people are also the targets of financial abuse from the side of their parents or step parents, for example, when the step parent receives social allowance for his child but spends this money of his own needs limiting the child in everything – it is also called financial abuse.Domestic financial abuse is also characterized with the forced reduction of the working hours of the wife or the young person in spite of her will to make money and work full time. There also forms of serious financial abuse which exists in business and banking. For example, one can be forced to share his money from the banking account under the threat of death and very often the action is repeated from month to month. Moreover, the thieves who steal the credit card or someone’s ID with the purpose of withdrawing money also practise financial abuse.

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Financial abuse is the action of limiting one’s access towards money with the purpose of influencing the target and making her fulfill all possible desires. The student who is asked to prepare a case study about financial abuse should observe the problem in detail and decide what factors could have caused it. One is supposed to research the case site, study the victim and the offender and their actions, evaluate the seriousness of the financial abuse and see what effects have been done towards the victim. In the end the student should share his ideas concerning the solution of the problem with the aim to demonstrate his knowledge and creativity.A successful case study can be written with the constructive help of the free example case study on financial abuse organized by the well-educated multitasking writer.

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