Animal Hunters

Animals are abused every 30 seconds(“Animal Cruelty and Human Violence : The Humane Society of the United States”).

It’s called animal cruelty. People don’t do anything about it, many animals die from the abuse. Examples of animal cruelty are when the owners refuse to give them food and water, and when they are beaten for no reason. But they are other forms of animal cruelty as well, like when force there dogs to fight for the wrong as gambling. But people don’t know how it will affect society if we keep abusing or killing these animals.

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That is why we have humane societies so that we can have a place for dogs All animals are abused but the main ones are dogs. Dog fighting is an example of abuse, it’s a sport for dogs. The problem is, it’s a dangerous sport. These trained dogs have to fight and fight until one is too injured and can’t go on. Dogs end up having broken bones and terrible wounds. “Some dogs do die of blood loss or exhaustion.

The dogs that are forced to fight get drugs for preparation. They get anabolic steroids. The people put the dogs in a pit and have them fight. If the dog loses, the owner kills it.(“Dog Fighting”) There are several humane societies that do something about abuse on animals.

They give them food and they give them shelter and water and they make sure that they get a home. Other places they put the animal down if nobody wants that animal. With humane societies, they don’t put them down, they find them shelter no matter what. Humane societies keep all animals safe and abuse free in their buildings. Humane societies always want to find a home for these animals. There are over 62 humane societies in Indiana or near Indiana.

In humane societies they treat the animals like it’s their home. There is a connection between animal abuse and human violence. Animal abuse can lead to violence in the world. People who have committed crime orhuman violence, mostly half of them did that after being arrested for animal abuse. People who have a family pet.

and they neglect them, they are most likely to neglect their children which can affect them badly. It affects our society because if we keep doing this, not only will the animals die, but it will also lead into us destroying each other. “Children who see animal abuse in their life are most likely to do the same as they grow up and then their kids and then their kids and it will continue.”Really all that happening is called a chain reaction. That will lead to violence towards child abuse, bank robberies, and shootings, which means we will end up extinct quicker than we expect it.(“Animal Cruelty and Human Violence : The Humane Society of the United States”).

Conclusion In conclusion, 70.1% of dogs are abused in the world. But we can fix that. We can take them to humane societies. They give them food and water. They also get shelter.

There is a lot of problems that can happen during animal abuse. It can ruin our lives. Animal abuse can be stopped though. If you see it, tell them to stop or go find a humane society. We can stop this animal abuse if we tried.

Now my question is to you, What will you do?