What is Antimatter? Antimatter is a material formed of antiparticles. Antimatter has the same mass as ordinary particles only with an opposite charge and quantum spin.

These particles bind in the same manner as normal particles do. Mixing matter and antimatter can and most likely will result in complete annihilation of anti-particles and particles. Antimatter and matter when combined can make several combinations such as high energy photons(Gamma Rays) and other particle-antiparticle pairs. How is Antimatter used? CERN has found many ways to use Antimatter in real life. One of the most prominent battles we fight today is how to get rid off cancer. Well, Antimatter may have our answer.

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Chemo therapy and protons may be effective but they have nothing on Antimatter. Studies at CERN have shown Antimatter to be four times as effective than protons. “To achieve the same level of damage to cells at the target area one needs four times fewer antiprotons than protons. This significantly reduces damage to the cells along the entrance channel of the beam from antiprotons compared to protons.” -Michael Holzscheiter, a Scientist who works at ACE (Antiproton Cell Experiment). Why do we use Antimatter? Scientists believe that when the Big Bang occurred, Antimatter and Matter were in equal balance.

Yet, at some time during the creation of the universe, most Antimatter was destroyed and only some Matter was destroyed. They believe that the study of Antimatter is important within the interaction of Antimatter-Matter you see a glimpse of the nascent universe. The study is of the Universe when it first was. They can also figure out the possible and futuristic properties and usage of Antimatter. What obstacles must we overcome to Use Antimatter to our own benefit? We must store Antimatter in such a way that it does not touch Matter before it is used. It would also cost us $100 trillion to produce one milligram of Antimatter.

We usually produce one nanogram every ten years. Antimatter-Matter interactions may give off a large amount of energy but its not enough to compensate how much we use to create Antimatter. It would almost be like paying someone a thousand dollars just to borrow ten bucks. If possible, what would Antimatter be used for in the future? The most possible would be interstellar flight. They would use Antimatter propulsion mixed with fission and fusion. But there are several problems that could stop such a thing from happening.

The first problem is creation of Antimatter in sufficient quantities. The second thing would be the prolonged storage of Antimatter…longer than sixteen minutes we hope.

This is two very large obstacles that prevent Antimatter Propulsion from being an immediate future application.