Anti Bullying

The text messages flow in. She tries to ignore them.

But the lies pile up. My sister’s “friend” Kelly’s lies must come to an end. My sister Cara told me everyday how school felt — like walking through a maze and never coming out. Everything Kelly said about my sister was a dreadful lie. “It feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster,” Cara said. One day, Kelly would be ecstatic and the next she would be Satan’s helper.

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Before any of the lies and ridiculing started, Cara felt pity for her. Kelly told Cara she cut herself and that she was insecure. But then, she would act differently at school–more popular, confident, smart and cocky. At school, Kelly was far from the broken, suicidal crumbling mess she claimed to be when speaking privately to Cara.As weeks went by, Cara tried to forgive Kelly and look past her bipolar behavior, but one day everything turned upside down.

I saw the fluorescent blue light pop up on my sister’s phone with Kelly’s name on it. There was always something wrong or some new lie to tell. “Why is she doing this to me?”Cara said “I have been nothing, but a loving friend.” It became apparent Kelly was mentally unstable when she admitted that she thought out how she might kill Cara. Kelly loved the thrill of scaring people and fed off of their despair–it empowered her. My parents, aware of all the drama since the beginning of this “friendship,” were now fed up and ready to intervene.

My parents took text messages and threats from Kelly to the school counselor–but that did not go over well with my sister.They forced her to block Kelly from all social media and forbid Cara to communicate with her. School counselors watch Kelly daily to make sure she does not act out. They also make sure Cara is safe and not being threatened. They told my parents that if any other incidents take place Kelly’s parents will be contacted and there will be severe punishment. Our school has no tolerance for bullying.While my sister is still trying to this day to mind her own business and avoid all contact, Kelly pursues her daily wanting to be her “friend”.