Bullying : The Common Way Of Bullying

Bullying”About 49% of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month, whereas 30.8% reported bullying others during that time.”(Stopbullying 2013). Everyone has been bullied once whether it was you or someone else.

Chances are that you were the victim or just watched it happened.This form of bullying (obviously) involves physical actions. Some bullying even include sexual harassment.There are lots of form of bullying such as cyber bullying, verbal bullying, or the most common aggressive bullying.Cyber BullyingBullying has changed through the years just like us. Bullying back then was simple, just stand up to the bully or tell the teacher.

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Some kids just dealing with it and probably not care about it at all. “I was teased a little in those days but I can’t recall being tormented quite like awful stories I read about seemingly each day ‘nowadays’.”(Bullying Then Vs Bullying Now 2012). Bullying isn’t common as it was anymore but it’s gotten worse to most people because of social media such as Twitter, Youtube, and instagram. This is where cyber bullying begins.Cyber bullying for an example, people can go online and talk about people all they want. Most sites and people says this problem can be “solve” by reporting the people who are cyberbullying. Expect there is one problem that they (and you) should know. Reporting does nothing!!Here are some communities I can listed off my head youtube, reddit, league of legends and probably more sites.

Sexual BullyingSexual bullying is like sexual harassment where the focus is someone’s body, sexual orientation, or sexual activity. Boys can harass girls, girls can harass boys, girls harass girls visa vista. Though this type of bullying is pretty common to girls, one example of this is when a boy slaps a girl’s butt without the girl’s permission.This happens so the person can seem sexual mature.Why they do itNow why do some people bully other even though you may know what the answer because you’re so smart.

People bully because they want to unleash their anger and frustration on a person, mostly likely someone weaker than them. Those aren’t the only reasons, becoming a bully can be caused by culture, social media, or family issues. One reason is because they do it for fun, others do it out of boredom, heck some even do it because they want to. Who knows, they might just want to impress their friends or want attention. Cyberbullying is the same thing.

They know it’s not good but what about you?In other words, bullying has changed over the years like sexual bullying, cyber bullying, and let’s not forget about aggressive bullying. It’s never good but the only reason most people do it is for attention, anger, boredom and problems kids need help with. The good thing is that the number of bullying is going down each year but the thing is that you don’t know who’s whether a bully or not. This can be blamed on social media. Who knows, people have different reasons after all. Are you a bully? Are you the victim? Or maybe the witness? In due time when bullying happens one of this role will happen to you.

Which one will it be?