Is All This Religious Bullying Really Necessary?

Imagine one day going to school and being made fun of because of your religion. So many children in this world have to deal with that everyday preventing them to actually focus on school. The only thing they can think of is the fact that the bully is bullying them because of the religion that they were born in.

Out of the 47% of children that practice religion, 23% get bullied because of it. Bullying is serious especially when you are being bullied because of your religion and beliefs. People have to understand the fact that everybody is different and they are not going to change for them. There are many different examples of how these kids are being bullied. One being the time that a muslim student got arrested for building a clock that to his teachers, looked like a bomb. Another example would be the time when a bunch of christian students made a video saying how they would get bullied and called names because of their beliefs.

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Jewish kids also got bullied with people making holocaust jokes and beating them up. These are only some examples of how cruel some people can be. Teens and kids don’t realize that what they are doing is hurtful and it needs to stop. What is really bad are the effects that bullying causes. There have been so many incidents where a kid of a religion gets bullied and they result to a lot of different ways that harm their body.

Some of those ways are self harm, taking drugs and drinking too much alcohol. They do this because the bully gets in there head and the person being bullied thinks they are not good enough. At that point the person being bullied thinks that they need to feel pain and harming themselves is the only way. Something else that all this bullying can lead to suicide, which is the worst. All this mean comments about a person’s religion are wrong and the bully should not want to be the person responsible for their death.

We need to work together in solidarity to stop this form of bullying. Everyone just needs to accept the fact that people have different religions and different point of views. There should be consequences to bullying someone because of religion. The students should be taught to be friends with everyone, even if they have a separate religion. We should not only enforce these rules in schools but out of schools too. Everyone needs to be nice to one another and forget all the hatred that some people have about another religion.

In conclusion, we should all be mindful aboutall the other struggles people are going through. Everyone gets bullied sometime in their life and these children need to deal with people making fun of an important part of their life. Other people need to deal with the fact that everyone has there own religion. Before you make a comment about someone’s religion, try seeing it through there eyes.