A end to bullying

5 May 2015 A end to bullying In 2002, suicide was the fourth leading cause of death for adults between the ages of 18 and 65 years with approximately 25,000 suicides for this age group in the united states (1).

Alot of kids in many school commit suicide because of bullying. School may have therapy classes for the person who is getting bullied, to help decrease bullying rates. They can also have therapy classes for the student who is doing the bullying and they can talk about the causes about them bullying another classmate. 38 percent of the students who get bullied are scared to go to school (4). Administrators need to help for the kids not to feel scared to come to school and learn. Parents may notice when kids are being bullied in school because their grades will go down, they will not eat, they look depressed.

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withdrawal from others, losing interest in any school or out of school activities. If anyone notice any of that on a kid, parents should speak with a administrator and find out what is happening. Adults A lot of students in many schools don’t ever speak up because they are scared of the bully, This is why schools need to let the kids know that the right thing to do is tell an adult about what is happening. Administrators would be able to do something about the situation they are in, Teachers will make them feel safe and not scared. If teachers help the kids about bullying, more kids will want to go to school and they will feel safe.

There grades will be better because they will be able to concentrate and not worry about the bully bothering them. If the bullies are still bullying the student then the teachers should send them to a different school away from the student that they are bothering. The student who is getting bullied may not like the harassment and want to do something about it, but he/she is afraid to tell. They think that another way to get over it is to commit suicide but students need to know that it is not right. Students need to know that it’s no point of taking your life away, when there is someone out there that can help them. Now in many schools there is still bullying because not many have done anything about it to stop the bullying.

Many schools now also have meetings with the whole school about bullying, why it should stop and reasons about what happens when other students bully someone. Many bullies just bully someone to make themselves feel bigger than everyone else and better. I don’t think they actually try to hurt the victim but the bully just wants to feel tough and better than that person. That’s why they mainly only bully the small innocent kids because the bully knows that he/she can’t do anything about it. The bully might have gone through bullying in the past that’s why he/she bullies other people.

12.5 to 10.4 suicide deaths per 100,000 people in the population(Figure 2). All these deaths are because of bullying. Now deaths are starting to increase even less because people now know that committing suicide is not the right thing to be doing.At schools they now have bullying interventions like the traditional disciplinary approach Strengthening the victim Mediation Restorative Practice, the Support Group Method, and the Method of Shared Concern.

All those are a little like therapy and can help a lot of bullies out. It can probably help them stop the bullying, and they will talk about a lot of different interesting things. Therapy will be a great solution for bullying and can help increase it around the world in many schools, Therapy will make the kids feel better about themselves and not scared to speak up about what is going on around them. Works Cited Page “Be Knowledgeable and Observant.” American Psychological Association.

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