Bullying physically,mentally,and electronically

~Bullying physically ,mentally, and electronically ~ The loss of children due to bullying is sad, and most bully victims either commit suicide or become killers sometimes even serial killers. Any sort of bullying leads to the use of drugs or even sexual activities.

Consequently, bully victims that use drugs become junkies, prostitutes, killers, anger management patients, or teen parents. Therefore, any type of bullying is wrong and immature. Bullying leads to violent habits for bully victims. Bully victims want to get back at their bullies for that, like revenge. For instance, the Columbine shooting with the two boys who were bully victims. Some bully victims even become bullies themselves.

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This problem happens a lot in bullying cases. When this happens it is usually because they don’t want to be bullied and want to go up on the bully social class. Which then becomes a bigger issue. They don’t realize that they are hurting others like they were, once. Bullying is a form of violence and causes violent people to emerge. Most teen parents is due to the effects of bullying .

Female teen bully victims are called rude, sexual words, which lead to girls becoming sexually active. Those things stick with them forever. Guys that become active is usually because they are called wimps or even worse names that should not be used. They do sexual activities for status. For more reasons that should not be named most teens that are bullied become active.

This leads to teen parents 75-85% of the time. Bully victims become confused and do stupid things because of that. Bullies are unaware of the things they cause their victims to do or become. Bully victims become self-aware of their little or major flaws and try to change. These teens or kids try to change, but their problems become worse.

This major problem can cause our world to fall to ruins.