Essay on Stop Bullying

In our community, one problem is bullying because bullying is becoming dangerous in life. Why it matters in our community is because kids are suffering by bullying. Bullying could be stopped in three ways. The three ways will be online school, class meetings, and having parents focus more on their child. To begin, will online school help stop bullying? Based on what I read in “Taking Classes Online to Avoid School Bullying,” online school is the second solution to stop getting away from bullies. Online school could help students to not get hurt, for example is that if a random kid is just walking around and this other kid is randomly hurting this kid that is just minding his own thing.

Online school is a way to get away from the bullies. Online school could help kids better than real school because you could stay away from the bullies. Then, teachers should have classroom meetings to talk about how to stop bullying. From “The Reading Ten Ways to Help Reduce Bullies In School,” is to have classroom meetings as one way to build communication .We should have to talk to the bullies to ask them why they bully other kids.

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More communication will help stop bullying because if you don’t talk about problems they won’t be solved. The purpose for classroom meetings is to have parents and the whole school involved in communication about why people bully and to see how it starts. Finally, one more solution is to have parents focus on their child more. According to “Ten Ways,” parents should focus on their child to see how they’re doing in school and see if there are any problems in school. It will help to see if parents really care enough about their child to protect their child from other children. This will help stop bulling because parents can help to report bullying or the kids won’t bully because their parents are there.

Also, parents should go to school with their child because they can see how they’re doing in school and see who the bully that is causing other trouble is. In conclusion, the three ways to stop bullying are sending kids to online school when they are bullied, having classroom meetings, and having parents focus on their own child. This solution will help stop bullying in school and outside of school. If you have a student that is being bullied, then there are some options to have your child/student stop getting bullied.