A Common Image Of Bullying

Education is important to live a happy life.

Unfortunately, many children are having major trouble learning at school due to the overwhelming issue of bullying. Bullying can affect a teens focus and self confidence; two major factors in successful learning. Many students may not even realize they are bullying another person. Largely because there are many kinds of harassment that deviate from the stereotypical, kid-getting-pushed-in-a-locker. For instance, there is a kid in my class– Zach– that is constantly heckled for his weight.

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Though the there isn’t any physical abuse, it still hurts to hear so many negative comments. Also in this situation, it is not just one student that is constantly reminding the kid of his weight. It may be ten people over the course of one day, each saying only one comment. Although, one comment is still bullying, because Zach still has to hear wise-cracks about obesity every day of the week. Also, with all the technological advancements in the past decade, it makes it easier for bullying to reach teens.

Cyber bullying is a major issue that has arisen since the start of social networking and affects kids everyday. Before technology, home used to be an escape from the bullies at school, but now it seems to follow kids everywhere. This is seen as a major problem because in one area of the U.S., a survey reported that 20% of students have considered suicide because of cyber bullying.

What is equally as troubling, is that students being harassed have an average of half a grade lower than regular students. If a student feels unsafe in a learning environment, then he will have a much harder time absorbing information. And the study shows it. The government sees this as a problem because in order to be a functioning country, we need educated workers, and with the bullying problem, less and less children are learning. The nation agrees that the bullying in America needs to stop before more children are affected, and their learning is impeded as well.

Many organizations have been put in place to stop this trend and are all working toward a common goal, so the future is looking bright for teens. If the missions are successful, children will be able to focus on school again, and feel better about themselves.