Case Study on Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying Case Study:

Cyber bullying is a type of offence, defamation and abuse of other people with the help of the Internet and computer networks.

Cyber bullying has become quite a popular method of moral and psychological abuse and it is important to know how to react to such actions. Generally, cyber bullying is applied against young people, because they are more involved into the technical progress and computer technologies than the grownups. Young people, especially children and high school students are the main targets of cyber attackers, who send offensive massages with the help of the mobile phones, SMS, social networks, emails and other means of the Internet communication. The danger of cyber bullying is in the easiness of its use and total confidentiality of the attackers. The instant messages are delivered to a great number of people at once and reach to its targets at a moment’s notice and the latter do not know anything about the identity of the attackers.

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Cyber bullying is characterised with the 24/7 intervention into the private life, mass effect, rapid spread of information, confidentiality and negative influence on the target’s psychics. It is obvious that young people and especially children accept this information dramatically taking the abused messages close to heart. As a result children become psychologically damaged and their self-esteem is seriously wounded. The most useful method to protect from cyber bullying lies in the total ignoring of the messages, because most often they do not carry anything dangerous except of the simple verbal or textual threats and abuse.The topic of cyber bullying is quite relevant, because the rapid development of the computer technologies opens new ways for the individuals who want to entertain with the help of this weird method. The student who is researching a case on cyber bullying should at first learn about the meaning of the term and only then start analysing the problem itself.

Students are expected to collect the reliable facts about the cause of the suggested problem and its effect on the solution of the case. One should pay attention about the way of bullying, the personality of the target, the type of abuse and think about the right solution to the problem.In order to investigate a direct case on cyber bullying students can take advantage of the help of the Internet and see how to prepare a good paper reading a free example case study on cyber bullying there. It is obvious that a free sample case study on cyber bullying is quite helpful for students, because one can learn about the methods of writing, the logical organization of the paper and the proper formatting of the whole text.