Bullying Bosses Case Study Page

This case study discusses a situation where Kara had to face bullying from her boss. Later the consequences of bullying is discussed, what effects motivation has to it and what can be done to avoid such circumstances have also being discussed along with a statistical reference to workplace bullying based on genders. In these case study we will see some cases for the employees and I will Analysis on the Merits and Problems And I will write about some of the solutions that old be used in order to face of Bullying Bosses.

1. How does workplace bullying dilate the rules of organizational Justice?

Anus: What are the organizational Justices? There are three main organizational lustiness such as Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice and International Justice. The theories of Justices are created to make the workplace an effective and a pleasant place, where everyone treated as the same fairness.

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For instance:

  • International justice concerns fairness of how individuals treat one another not only when resources are distributed but in everyday interactions, as well. However, Marketplace bullying is the opposite side of international Justice:
  • “Persistent, Offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behaviors, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated or ‘alienable, which undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress” Based upon theories we can say that workplace bullying could be dilated by avoiding international Justice in organizations.

Bullying Bosses Case Study

2. What aspects of motivation might workplace bullying reduce? For example, are they likely to be effects on an employee’s self-efficiency? If so, what might those effects be? Do you think bullying would motivate you to retaliate?

Anus: There are many aspects of motivation that can be reduce bullying in the Marketplace. The main motivations that can be effected by bullying in the workplace are loyalty, effort, morale, and desire to work. When we have an effort to work it means that the workplace is content and there are no problems between employees.

If there is workplace bullying people will be less motivated f to work causing failure in the workplace.

When there is workplace bullying it can affect the employee’s self- efficacy. An employee with low self efficacy while being bullied can Just be affected more making the self-efficacy worsen and they can decrease their desire to work, achieve, or need to work for a higher power. When being bullied by a higher power I Mould less likely want to try to achieve more because I would not want to be around negativity and would not want to be cut down every day.

The victims may feel less motivated to go to work every day, they continue performing there required Job duties with fear, some are less motivated to perform extra-role or citizenship behaviors. Helping others, speaking positively about organization, and going beyond the call to the duty are reduced as a result to bullying.

And no I wont retaliate bullying nor will I let motivate me because I may end up looking like the perpetrator and will most certainly cause confusion for those responsible for evaluating and responding to the situation.

3. If you were a victim of workplace bullying, what steps would you take to reduce its occurrence? What strategies would be most effective? Least effective? What would you do if one of you colleagues were a victim?

Anus: If I were the victims of workplace lulling I will try to talk with appropriate committee how can control bully. Most effective strategy would be increase higher-order needs that are satisfied internally, such as social, esteem, and self-actualization needs. By doing this it will drive me to became what I am capable of becoming. Least effective would be leaving the Job.

This may not be the good strategy to do because I may feel dissatisfaction in other Job due to this incident. If one of colleagues were a victim I will not blame, annoy him/her. I Nil try to understand what level of the hierarchy that person is currently on and Ochs on satisfying the needs at or above that level and motivate victim as much as I can. I try to take necessary steps against bully.

4. What factors do you believe contribute to workplace bullying? Are bullies a product of the situations, or do they have flawed personalities? What situations and Nat personality factors might contribute to the presence of bullies?

Anus: I strongly believe in-equality and comparison are the main factors contribute to workplace bullying.

“Most of the bullies are products of situation and some of them do have flawed personalities. Employees might compare themselves to friends, neighbors, co-Markers, or colleagues in other organizations or compare their present Job with past bobs”, in-equality in power and position, these are situations contribute to the presence of bullies. Negative and stressful working environment, low self esteem are the personality factors might contribute to the presence of bullies. Lessons Learned According to Baseman, common abusive workplace behaviors are disrespecting and devaluing the individual, often through disrespectful and devaluing language or ‘rebel abuse over work and devaluation of personal life.

Harassment through micromanagement of tasks and time, overvaluation and manipulating information.

Managing by threat and intimidation stealing credit and taking unfair advantage preventing access to opportunities. Also, downgrading an employee’s capabilities to Justify downsizing impulsive destructive behavior.

According to Hole and Cooper, common abusive Marketplace behaviors are Having your opinions and views ignored withholding information which affects your performance:

  • Ewing exposed to an unmanageable workload;
  • Being given tasks with unreasonable or impossible targets or deadlines;
  • Being ordered to do work below competence; inning ignored or taking hostility when you approach;
  • Being humiliated or ridiculed in connection with your work;
  • Excessive monitoring of a person’s work;
  • Spreading gossip;
  • Having insulting or offensive remarks made about your person, your attitudes or your private life;
  • Having key areas of responsibility removed or replaced with more trivial or unpleasant tasks.

Recommendations: he organizational needs to find solve these problem for example to put roles in the company and create a fair work environment ,the employees needs to training for know who to find a good workplace and all of them share to work in safe workplace. Also the work by teamwork and effective the motivation tools will give the company good workplace, finally the organizational has to effective to deceivers the leadership and spreading the culture of total quality leadership to motive the employees to achieve the goal.

Islamic Perspective: “hat is Bullying and how does Islam view it? lulling is deliberate and hurtful behavior and can take place anywhere.

There are many forms of bullying:

  • Physical (hitting, kicking, snatching),
  • Verbal (name-calling, insulting, taunting),
  • Emotional (ignoring, spreading nasty gossip) and
  • Cyber Bullying using mobile phones, text messages, the Internet).

Islam does not tolerate any form of bullying as it is a form of oppression. Allah has mentioned many times in the Aquaria regarding His displeasure of such actions: “Allah does not like the oppressors.” O ye who believe do not defame one another, nor insult one another by sickness.” Although the focus of prevention and interventions are often on dictums of bullying, it is important to provide support to bullies as well.

As the Prophet said, “Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is oppressed. The Prophet was asked: “It is right to help him if he is oppressed, but how should we help him if he is an oppressor? ” He replied: “By preventing him from oppressing others. ” From this Haiti, we learn the importance of helping those who are oppressed but, even more profoundly, he need to assist oppressors by stopping them from committing this infringement on the rights of others. Bullies are often misconstrued as people who simply take pleasure in the pain of others.

However, research has found that some are quite complex and somewhat of a mystery.

Many research studies have found that bullies are more likely to exhibit behavioral issues including aggressiveness, hyperactivity, attention deficits and conduct problems. However, contrary to what is normally considered of bullies, one research study found that they suffer from depression, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, and eating disorders to the same extent as those No were victimized by their bullying.

Thus laughing at someone, defaming, being sarcastic or bullying is not acceptable. If you see someone being bullied, do not Moore it, report it. The Prophet Muhammad said: “He who amongst you sees something evil should modify it with the help of his hand; and if he NAS not strength enough to do it, then nee should do it Witt his tongue, and it nee as not strength enough to do it, then he should from his heart, and that is the least of faith. “