Tips on Writing a One Page Case Study

How to Write a One Page Case Study:

A case study is quite a regular assignment for high school, college and university students. Most often it is a long, big-in-volume paper but sometimes it is a brief assignment which has a specific construction and can be written on the single page. It is difficult to cover a long paper, but it is not quite easy to condense information in such a way to make the paper sensible and well-formatted on the one page.There are some case study writing tips for you:

  1. First of all the student is asked to present the purpose of case study writing and the relevance of the problem in a one of two sentences. It is very difficult to prepare a reasonable sentence which would explain the topic and the further process of writing in the single one sentence. In some cases, when the discipline and the topic permits, the student is able to insert a quotation which would illustrate the whole urgency and importance of the research.
  2. A case study is a special document or recommendation which is aimed to change the problem of the paper for the better. So, one should dwell on the fact which illustrates the current condition of the problem and its further condition if nothing is changed. This part of the case study can be also written in the briefest way.
  3. The following step is to present several alternative solutions to the problem. The text can occupy several sentences and carry an advisory character. The student should pay attention to the cause and effect of the problem in order to generate the most useful solutions.

    Most often one presents no more than three alternatives but in a one page case study it is better to limit the choice to the two alternatives.

  4. After the presentation of the several possible solutions to the problem the student should demonstrate his knowledge and soberness of his mind and suggest the most appropriate single solution to the problem which he really supports. In the following part he should think about the arguments which would support this choice and these arguments should be really persuasive and up-to-date.
  5. The concluding part of the case study should also be quite short in order to meet the one page requirement of writing. The student should summarize the information about the research of the limited definite case and evaluate the factors which have caused the problem, think about their effect and then explain the choice of the solution to this problem.

    Finally, one can share his observations concerning the research and say whether he is satisfied with the quality of his work or whether something can be improved.

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