Tips on Writing College Level Case Studies

How to Write a Good College Level Case Study:

A college level case study is a complicated assignment which requires specific approach towards the research of the definite issue.There are many types of case studies but their manner of writing and structure are practically the same all the time.

  1. A case study for college is a bit more complicated than the regular one, so the student is supposed to brainstorm an effective topic for the analysis which would be interesting to the professor and to the audience who will look it through. The student should demonstrate creativity and ambitiousness choosing a thought-provoking and difficult case for the research which would make the student create constructive unique ideas and make the right decisions.
  2. When the student designs a captive title for the case study, he should start writing the paper itself. First of all one should complete the introductory part which describes the matter in detail and proves to the professor that the problem is really relevant and is worth the research. Moreover, the student should share his ideas about the research approach and his thoughts about the analysis of the case.
  3. Now one has to observe the definite case from all sides. It is important to write as many facts as possible illustrating the background of the issue.

    The student is able to insert numbers, photographs, tables, graphs, statistics and other useful information which provides the reader with enough data about the problem. The young person has to dwell on the cause of the problem in the case and its effect relying on the accumulated information. The student should operate theoretical basis of the case professionally and then apply this theory on practice.

  4. Next, one has to observe the solution of the problem which really took place in the case. It is reasonable to analyze the solution from all sides and evaluate its effectiveness and consequences.

    Furthermore, it is wise to focus on the methods and techniques which were used for the solution of the definite case.

  5. It is not enough just to observe the problem of the case and its solution, because the student has to learn to solve such problems himself, so he is obliged to suggest the alternative solution to this problem demonstrating his creativity and professionalism. Naturally, one can solve the case is the controversial and original way and then compare both solutions concerning their usefulness.
  6. In the end one is expected to summarize the case study appropriately proving that the research was useful for the student’s experience, field of studying, faculty, background knowledge and provides him with the perspective of self-development in the chosen sphere of academic studies.

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