Tips: Writing a Case Study in Psychology

College and university students who have chosen to prepare a good psychology case study are supposed to be aware about the structure of the paper, the manner of writing and the peculiarities of the topic and the discipline. If the student has troubles with the process of writing, he can look through psychology case study writing tips and catch the right manner of writing and analysis of the problem.

  1. Study the Topic Attentively: First of all one should understand the topic and focus on the points which require deeper analysis. The topic is always narrow, because the case study is supposed to contain information about the definite problem in the field of psychology. The most common topics are related with various psychological disorders and theoretic properties of the systems and approaches towards the research of the matters on psychology.
  2. Collect Information about the Case: The case is the definite problem which requires research and student has to know about the issue as much as possible to complete a worthy paper.

    The most useful sources of data on psychology are textbooks, encyclopaedias, periodicals and various articles in the Internet touching upon the problem under research. In addition, if the student is researching a practical case on psychology, he can interview the patient and learn something about the case from his side.

  3. Find the Cause and Effect of the Problem: The main parts of a case study are the chapters which reflect the reason of the problem (for example, the cause of the disorder) and its effect on the human organism and society (family, workplace, etc). The student should research the case professionally evaluating the data collected in the sources and through the interview with the patient and his psychologist. It is a serious advantage that one can consult an expert in the process of writing.
  4. Solve the Problem: The student is expected not only to research the theoretical analysis of the case, but also to brainstorm an effective solution to the problem. The methodology of the research is very important for the professor, so the student is obliged to choose the most efficient methodology in order to impress the professor and solve the case in the most appropriate way. Moreover, one can compare the real solution of the problem with the alternative his own one and prove to the professor that he has trained his professional skills well.
  5. Summarize the Case: When the student has researched the problem, he is supposed to evaluate the case and share his ideas about the strong and the weak sides of his research and demonstrate how the solution of the case study’s puzzle influences the student’s knowledge and the condition of the field of psychology.

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