Writing a Nursing Case Study: Expert Tips and Modern Topics

Nursing is a set of measures that ensure comprehensive care of patients and the implementation of medical prescriptions for their treatment.

Nursing is inextricably linked with treatment; they complement each other and serve a common goal. The organization of care and its implementation are an integral part of the activities of medical personnel. Writing a cursing case study you mostly have a topic to elaborate on, so you have to follow the specific recommendations given by your professor. Here we present you with several general but truly detailed tips on which information you can include when unveiling almost any nursing topic.

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Tip #1.

Elaborate on the Moral/Psychological Component

The nurse should individualize the approach to the patients, depending on the level of their development, the character traits. She or he should be sensitive to the sufferings of the patient, to care for the satisfaction of the patient’s needs, to learn to endure increased reactions and demands patiently, bearing in mind the particular level of excitability and irritability of the patients. To avoid iatrogenic illnesses, medical staff should be very careful in talking with the patient on medical topics. The nurse’s pleasant and caring attitude gives the patient a great moral and often physical relief. Ability to create an optimistic mood is a great contribution to the patient’s recovery.

At the same time, a caring attitude should not be replaced by familiarity, since in these cases the loss of the authority of a nurse is inevitable. Restrained and calm treatment allows subordinating patients to the regime of a medical institution and reasonable requirements of medical staff.

Tips #2. Write about Intense Care and Nurse’s Role

The role of the nurse has increased especially with the organization of the intensive care chambers intended for patients in acute stages of the disease, with possible transition to an emergency. The nursing post is often close to these chambers or is located directly there. Medical staff takes necessary measures such as blood pressure, respiratory and pulse rate, monitors the condition and behavior of patients, performs various medical and diagnostic procedures.

Such chambers are often equipped with complex medical equipment to provide urgent assistance. The medical staff of these chambers should study the setting, connection and functional purpose of the apparatus. Medicines and medical instruments needed for emergency care should always be prepared and stored near the patient. Nurses must master the equipment and techniques of oxygen therapy, vein puncture, the setting of IVs and some resuscitation measures – indirect heart massage, artificial respiration.

Tip #3.

Touch on the Approach to the Patients with Malignant Processes

Care for seriously ill patients and patients with a common malignant process have some specific characteristics. Usually, these patients tactfully, without hurting their psyche, are isolated from others. All explanations and conversations with the patient about his illness should be strictly coordinated between all medical staff. Often the only treatment for these patients is symptomatic and pain medication; good care facilitates their suffering and often leads to long-term remissions of the disease. The nurse also needs a lot of tact towards the patient’s relatives: not to give an unreasonable hope of a good outcome, but allow relatives to make sure that all measures are taken to save the patient’s life.

Up-to-Date Topics for Your Nursing Case Study or Research Paper

  • The role of the nurse in the prevention of contractures in patients who underwent surgery for joints;
  • The nurse’s role in the rehabilitation of burn patients who underwent skin transplantation;
  • The nurse’s role in the rehabilitation of patients after primary implantation of a pacemaker;
  • The early physical activity of patients as one the most important factors in the prevention of the postoperative complications development.
  • Actual problems of early diagnosis made by nurse regarding the patients with severe injuries.

Nursing is largely the responsibility of the average-link medical staff, especially in inpatient medical institutions, where most of the time patients are under the direct supervision of nurses.Successful fulfillment of numerous care activities requires not only good professional skills but also high moral principles in their attitude towards patients. Sensitiveness, care and sincere contact with patients ensure the patient’s trust in medical activities, support him and his or her belief in recovery. Writing on these topics you should stay tactful, respectful and professional.If you are looking for professional case study writing assistance on any nursing topic, you should try this case study writing service – EssayLib.com.