Influence of Home Page Complexity

Introduction The web acts as a significant component of promotional strategy for many organisations. The web, as an advertising premium, uses home pages as their main toll. Home page complexity has an influence on consumer attention, attitudes, and purchase intent. Discussion The key message in the paper involves communication of the significance of the range of complexity of a home page, and how the complexity of a home page can help attract or drive away the interest of consumers. This happens in terms of consumer attitudes, attention, and the purchase intent.

The message intends to help people understand strengths and weaknesses of the complexity of home pages. The impact of home page complexity on consumer attention, attitudes and purchase intent has certain strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of the message involve certain aspects. Firstly, as an advertising medium, home page complexity can help to stimulate user interest sufficiently. Secondly, the complexity of a home page can help entice a consumer into the site, judging by the elements contained in home page.

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These elements include graphics and information. Thirdly, homepages that have a moderate complexity can help consumers to respond favourably, as opposed to those home pages tat have less complexity or those that have more complexity.The weaknesses of the message involve lack of consideration to different kinds of consumers. The message focussed on the complexity of home pages without looking at the characteristics of the consumers in question. The second weakness of the message involves the criteria of looking at the complexity of home pages.

Some home pages require a lot of graphics and information, to communicate, while others require a little information, and graphics to communicate. Therefore, the message failed to address the key factors that result in complexity of home pages. The third weakness of the message involves the limitation of the message. The message focussed on one group of users. Generally, different people visit home pages.

They do not have to be consumers. Besides this, the message has only covered advertising home pages only. The corporate world or the business sector serves as, an economic sector that can gain mostly from this message. The reason for this involves the fact that the message focuses on advertising home pages. Companies, factories, and industries use home pages to advertise their products online. Therefore, the knowledge of the complexity of home pages on consumer attention, attitudes, and the purchase intent can help them to build home pages that can attract customers, instead of driving them away from the home page.

This paper rates at five, on a scale of one to ten, based on its significant relevance to the economy as a whole. The relevance occurs because, the message that the paper carries ensures that home page developers will develop home pages based on complexity that addresses consumer needs. In so doing, consumers become attracted to home pages, and log into them, to check out what they contain. When consumers do that, the possibility that they will buy products increases. This means that, more consumers will log in to home pages, get the information they need, and buy products that they need.

This will generate revenue for factories and companies. In so doing, the economy increases. Every student can develop awareness of issues and applications of e-commerce from the message because students understand the importance of the complexity of home pages, in attracting consumer attention, attitudes and their intent to purchase products. Students understand that, the success of e-commerce depends on viability of home page complexity.Conclusion The complexity of home pages influences the attention, attitudes and the purchase intent of consumers positively or negatively. Therefore, this message has importance to business owners as well as consumers and the entire economic sector.