The Struggles of Bullying

Why is it that people bully one another, instead of trying to make a difference in bullying? There are teens out there being bullied day after day nonstop. There are about 46 suicides in every 100,000 teens. http://kidshealth.

org/en/teens/suicide.html. A lot of teens run away from home because of bullying and are never found. Teens should not have to go through a lot of pain because of other people’s hurtful actions . This is how making a difference,suicide, and being scared to tell adults about being bullied can change a teen’s life. Ways To End Bullying Young teenagers are making differences day by day.

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A kid named Jonas was really into filming so he decided to make a film about bullying. He made a huge difference because of the motivational film. Do to the motivational film he wanted people to know what bullying is and also wanted them to know the signs of being bullied. He had people write their stories about them being bullied and made the film out of that.But that still didn’t stop the fact that that teens are still committing suicide.(“National Bullying Prevention Center – Student Action – The Power of Video”).

Suicide Suicide is by far the worst thing that can happen while being bullied. It is terrible for parents to find out that their kid is thinking about suicide. 46 out of 100,000 teens commit suicide.

Bullying- cyber, physical, and mental- is often the reasonteens attempt to end their life. The risk of suicide increases when teens have access to guns at home, and nearly 60% of all suicides in the United States are caused by a gun. Suicide rates are slightly different between boys and girls. Girls think about and attempt suicide about twice as often as boys, yet more boys carry out their plan and end their lives, mainly because boys are more impulsive . If teens would not be scared to tell somebody about them being picked with the suicide rate would probably be down.http://kidshealth.

org/en/teens/suicide.html Scared To Tell A Lot of teens don’t tell because they are to scared. Most teens think they need to handle bullying their self. Reasons why kids may not tell their parent/guardian are because they might think they are weak,might call the school, or just make the situation worse. A reason why a teen might not tell a friend is because they are afraid they won’t be their friend no more or just think of them a whole nother way.

.way. Conclusion Why is it that we can’t just come together and stop bullying each other.

Luckily there are some teens out there trying to make a difference. But still teens are committing suicide just because of bullying. You should not be scared to tell an adult they know how to handle situations so speak up. I wish that one day, we will all wake up from our bad dreams and come together as family to make that happen stop the bullying and stop the violence. Works Cited “KidsHealth – the Web’s Most Visited Site about Children’s Health.” KidsHealth – the Web’s Most Visited Site about Children’s Health.

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