The Struggles

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing,” challenged Helen Keller (Keller).

Helen was around 2 years old when she got Meningitis, and from the day she got that disease forword she was blind and deaf, but no one knows why or how she got this disease. Much like Helen Keller overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate, I too overcame my fear/obstacle of scary movies. Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of not being able to communicate. When Helen was a baby, she got sick from Meningitis and became deaf and blind. The Kellers had hired Annie Sullivan to teach Helen that words have meanings and how to communicate.

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Annie was able to teach Helen trust, obedience, and language to overcome her obstacle, but it was not easy. Like Helen Keller I also had to overcome an obstacle. The obstacle I had to overcome was not to be scared of scary movies. I overcame my obstacle by sitting down and watching one scary movie over and over again until i wasn’t scared anymore, then i would pick out a different scary movie and do the same thing. I ended up liking the scary movies that i had watched once I realized that it was all fake. Although our obstacles were different, we shared some similarities.

We were both scared at some point. Helen was scared when she realized that she couldn’t hear or see anything; I was scared when I watched my first scary movie. Even though both of our fears were different they were both somewhat the same because she and I were both scared at one point. Much like Helen Keller overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate, I too overcame my obstacle of scary movies. I learned from Helen’s experience that you should never give up no matter how difficult the situation is.

I learned from my experience that you should always face your fears. “We could never learn to be brave and patient, If their were only joy in the world.” (Keller) Works Cited Keller, Helen. “Famous Quotes.” BrainyQuote.

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