Here’s something hardly anyone speaks of, anxiety.There’s so many different things to say but during school when you’re passing about 200 maybe 300 kids and your anxiety what do you do? Nothing, what is there to do? Nothing. So you walk to class right? Well I don’t understand how teachers don’t see or understand, well I get how they don’t understand unless they’ve had it.I don’t agree with the fact that teachers or other peers decide it’s okay to push someone to talk out loud, when it might be their comfort zone. I highly believe throwing someone out there to ” Just Get over it” is complete and utter bull.

I think that’s what adults don’t understand,we have feelings too, and if going to school and getting an education is more important than our mental well being, then maybe having an anxiety attack in the middle of class is more important than learning the lesson.Do adults understand that it just isn’t a boy/girl or it isn’t because we’re failing a class, it’s the sole fact that we can’t cope with everything at once.I believe that maybe, if someone took in consideration for our feelings and our well beings we’d learn to cope a little better.

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