Teachers: Teaching for the Kids or for the Money?

Is it just me, or do teachers today care about getting paid? I mean, my middle school teachers never cared for what the kids did. We cussed, talked dirty, started fights, and what does the teachers do? Okay, they break up the fights, and will write up a kid if they hear the word and there are witnesses, but other than that nothing! I wonder sometimes if they are just in it for the money. I am considered a ‘teacher’s pet’ becuase I can hold a conversation better than any other kid in my class. I witness everything they claim to have not. I hear kids saying ‘fudge’ out loud, and no one calims tohave notice.

I mean, fourth graders are starting this bad trend, and I think the teachers should have noticed this by now. My teachers couldn’t even hold a lesson correctly without yelling at my class to ‘be quiet’. If I was the teacher, I would see that any kid showing attitude or doing anything that is not of the code of behavior, would be sent to the office. They can do that at home, not at school, but the teachers say this, not actually making it happen. So without this care, are they really in it for the money, or what?

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