University Professors Should Make More Money

Many people have described the benefit from high salaries professors’ quality of education, encouragement and but in my perspective, university should not spend too much money on professors’ salaries in order to improve the quality of education, taking the competition between professors and the stable education skills into account.

Fist of all, it is true that a high salary job could encourage people’s energy to work but there is a job cannot carry out this rule called teacher and professor because the professor who teach same subject and get different salaries will compare with each others and envy others’ salaries which means they will not concentrate on teaching their students. For instance, I read an article last weekend and they recounting a story in a school. The story was about that this school issued a regulation that they will spend two more times salaries for teachers which encouraged teachers improve their educational skills, after that, those teachers stop concentrate on education, they started to compare others’ salaries and complain or sneer others. In a word, this policy will influence students’ education quality extremely. Secondly, in order to improve the quality of education, principle should not give professors’ salary rise due to the fact that if the professors have a very high level of education, they would have the professional quality which means they will not be encouraged to increase their skills and they will not concentrate on how much money they will get when they educate their students.

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