Money Hungry School District

I am so tired of this! No I am not tired of writing I am tired of my school charging out so much money for everything! Ever since I started high school my school fees are $300 and that’s just the school fees for someone that bought lunch all year long they had to pay $756 for their lunch at $2.10 a lunch and for next year they are increasing it by 15 cents due to a new “federal regulation”.

I think that it’s because they want more money so for the rest of high school someone would have to pay $810 just for lunches alone. Then we have laptops which we had to pay $50 for just for getting them. Then we had to pay for them if something went missing, stolen, broken, or the laptop went missing. And for next year they are planning to increase the price for the laptop. They also raised the prices for the field trips it used to be about $400 to go on my D.

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C trip then last year it was suddenly $560 for the eighth graders to go and they saw the same things we did and went to the same hotel. I know that my school is loosing money but still it’s ridiculous. Last year they had a “reinvention” plan to make the school “better”. So they closed down one school, combined the third, fourth, and fifth graders with the sixth, and seventh graders. And brought the eighth graders to the high school.

And our school was crowded last year! And so were our buses they had to transfer people from my old bus to my new bus. My school is so money conscious that they almost got rid of high school busing. I am just tired of my school district.