Power Hungry?

Do you think that the United States of America is powerful enough to take over the whole entire world? Because I have a fool proof plan on how we can. The first thing that the United States will need to do so that we may conquer the world is to strengthen our army. Completely back out of all our current wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) and rest up our army, let them strengthen up and gain new recruits. After having a nice, strong army, we can declare war on Canada, this will be quite easy, because there army is extremely weak, and will not put up much of a fight.

This will also be tremendously beneficial, because they have a lot of land and resources, without much of a population. This will also play a major part in our future plans. After taking over Canada completely, and I mean one hundred percent (this way we will not have to leave any troops in that area and can use them all in our current war) so that there is no possibility of a breakout in another war. We can move east to Russia, now, although this will be a difficult battle, with the help of Canadian troops and Resources, we will prevail. And this is because of 2 major reasons: Moving east will allow us to quickly move through and conquer Siberia, giving us the upper ground in the more difficult battle against more populated eastern Russia.

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They will never expect us to be coming because, although we have had some previous disagreements these two nations currently consider each other to be allies. However there is no written document that states this and we are therefore not obliged by any means necessary to stay “friendly” with them. Once we have captured Russia and have acquired there massive, powerful army, and plentiful resources, we will go back to North America and capture Mexico. Mexico might not be rich in resources, or have a powerful army; we can still use them as a bridge way to the Latin-American and South American countries. Also, it will be an easy capture of land, and we will be able to receive new recruits for the upcoming wars.

Now that we have a gateway to South America (Mexico) we can move forward with our plans and easily capture South America. We should go on to South America before going after Asia because of the resources. They have plenty of supplies and fertile land, and it will be an extremely easy take over because, nearly all of these countries are developing third world nations, and as a result of this, they do not even have an army. It will also pay off in the long run because we will have the rain forest (a major economical contributor) which will prevent other countries from wanting to attack us, because if we look back at the Vietnamese war, the Americans lost because they did not know the terrain, the same thing will happen here if anyone decides to come after us. We now have control of two continents (North and South America) and a huge landmass which is full of resources and the largest country in the world.

But we will not stop there; we will use our power to go back to Asia and start to trickle down into the countries. Using Russia to our advantage we will have a full range of motion (if you were not aware, Russia covers the whole length of Asia) but we do not want to spread ourselves to thin. Even though we have a massive army at this point it would not be a good idea to spread all across Russia and just go straight down because then if we one of the opposing countries fights back, we will not have enough troops in each area. To avoid this from happening we will take it one country at a time, and start with Kazakhstan, then working our way down through to the Middle East. This will allow us to later go after Europe with much more ease.

From here, we will move down south to Africa. This will be another easy capture because, again most of these countries are 3rd world countries and will give us no trouble at all. This continent is also quite plentiful in resources and new recruits. This only making us stronger will be a vital part in our attack and we will need to make sure that nothing goes wrong. After taking control of the west side, capturing the east side will be much easier because we can get to them from two different angles (Russia and the Middle East.

) We will be able to now spread apart and will capture all of the countries around India attacking them last because of their larger population it will be harder to capture them, for the same reasons listed above about China. Only, they are not quite as populated will be a bit easier. Now having control of nearly all of Asia, still leaving China, Mongolia, and Japan we will move back west so that we may go onto Europe. Europe will definitely be our most difficult task yet, mostly because of their advanced technology and weaponry. It will be well worth our time because, after capturing all of this land, we will have acquired their armed forces, only making it more advanced. Now that we have virtually every country in our hands (excluding China, Japan, Australia, and Mongolia) we will have no trouble taking over the industrious land of China.

Our only concern would be there population and army size, which will no longer be a problem because we too now have a massive population and army size. Once having control of China we will easily take over Japan and Mongolia, without a problem. And we will offer to Australia a treaty that will give us all of their land, and will be under American rule, but we will not harm any of their people. If they accept, great, if they don’t then it is too bad for them because we will take them over any ways. You may currently be wondering why we do not just use our nuclear weapons and nuke all of the countries so that we can take their entire lad in no time? That would not be a good idea because then the land would not be usable for anything and it would have been a waste of time.

As you can see The US could easily take over the entire world. Although I do estimate that it will take close to about 30 years. I am not saying that it would be a good idea to do so and I do not hold a grudge against any of these countries. All that I want to prove is that we are capable of such a feat.