Power Place

Both regions have a number of numerous and remarkable natural resources ranging from timber, water and mineral resources.

This marked the beginning of industrialization in Canada, USA and Europe therefore, there is emergency of manufacturing sectors. Canada and America share most things in common especially the similarities in the nation identities Even though Europe, Canada and America have similarities, their main difference is in economy systems but very far from each other as they differ on some economical aspects (Climan, 2002). Both United States and Canada have mixed economical ownership of both private and public ownership; however the rate of public ownership is higher in Canada and USA as compared to Europe where the rate of private ownership is lower. The rate of industrialization in Europe is also remarkable and in most cases it is characterized by public ownership, On the other hand, these regions have differences due to economical approach of USA which has given the United States the strongest economy , contrary the economy of Europe is negatively affected by its economy system which has so far made their dollar weaker in the world market however both Canada and USA have had a bigger advantage as compared to Europe but the resent reactions from investorsin both countries show that they are in big debts, however in Europe there is low debts hence they have elevated themselves therefore their economy has grown further. Ideally countries from Europe lack enough money settle the debt crisis but Germany took the initiative of settling this issue The environmental policies of Canada affect US through the international policy making.

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However, this only comes because of willingness of Canada to work with weaker nation.European nations are environmental conscious than Canada and USA. this has served as the counter balance of the US which is the world strongest, however they work closely with their southern counterparts in the development of the environmental policies which had a greater effect to the northern parts of America directly and impacting on the other parts of America indirectly. The European nations are constructed in manner that allows their environment to be kept green, for example in countries like Netherlands it is not allowed to throw garbage unnecessarily as an environmental precaution. The environmental goals are set by superior countries through the commission of environmental cooperation (Climan, 2002).

Despite the likeeness of these two regions on kinship and manpower, there have been the criteria for the admission of the immigrants. Basically, after a close examination of both the USA and Canada it is evident that the volume occupation and origin of immigration flows in between these two nations (Bukhart & Alm, 2006). On the other hand immigration in Europe is held hostage by the ant-immigration policies which had to lock out foreigners; this caused high level of insecurity in Europe. European nations have to embrace policies like those of Canada and USA which makes them lands of immigrants.There are several economical similarities between these two regions: basically they both rely on industry as their major economic supporter and the difference is that European nations have lesser investors as compared to US and Canada, as a result debts are lower in Europe and higher in USA and Canada. Basing on environment, European nations are more environmental conscious due to the set environmental policies, but the lack of well established environmental policies in Canada and USA, causes more environmental challenges.

Canada and USA have established themselves as lands of immigration but many European nations have set policies which do not allow foreigners in their countries.