Is College Worth the Time and Money?

My dad once told me, “When you find your passion, you will see that your whole world will change. Your grades will get better, and you’ll know what to do for the rest of your life.” My parents wanted me to go to college and be a success – they wanted me to make a change in the world. They always believed I could.

My reply? “What could I learn in college that I don’t already know?” “College is useless.” “I haven’t learned anything since elementary school.” “There’s nothing I want to do in life.” That was two years ago – before I had any ambition, before I found my passion in writing, before my whole world changed. But now, it’s senior year, the year my parents and I have been waiting for since pre-school; the year of senior skip day, prom, powder-puff games, and of course, graduation. It’s also the year of college and scholarship applications.

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It’s a stressful time for teens, as well as teachers and colleges. What college will I go to? What in the world is a personal statement? Will I stay close to home or far, far away? I can never get into this university! Wait, wait, wait — it costs how much? In today’s world, a bachelor’s degree is almost mandatory in order to be successful and live comfortably. One simply can’t work at a fast food restaurant for the rest of their life and expect to make enough money to pay the bills and buy what they want or need. In fact, minimum wage is below the national poverty level. Sure, money doesn’t always lead to happiness, but it does lead to a safe, clean home and healthy living.

In short, make the best of the stressful fraction of the last year of high school and focus on your future. Enjoy your senior year and college. Enjoy the freedom, work hard, and don’t give up. It can and will pay off in the end.