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Students these day hate their teachers, they detest them for multiple reasons. The main reason is because either the teacher doesn’t understand them, such as what’s going on in their after school life or what their likes and dislikes are. Sometimes all the students need, is someone to talk about their life at school or their life at home. Personally I want to become a teacher for many reasons. I like being able help people in my life. I also enjoy being with kids, I am always with my cousins, and it sounds amusing for many reasons.

It gives me the ability to help the children succeed. I know personally that I like when a teacher is able to answer my question. Also kids are struggling as it is now, I think that I would be able to make a difference in all of the students lives. The whole first part of life is at school so it shouldn’t be a hard or painful time, I think it should be fun and interactive, that way the students learn but have fun doing it. Another reason I want to become a teacher is because I like being with kids, I like being with both my younger and older cousins, we seem to always get along and understand each other.

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Kids in school should be able to have that kind of relationship between their teacher and themselves. I also would be able to help the students in many ways, I would personally make the effort to know what they’re going through and help them in every way possible. I would want the students to like coming to my class everyday. Becoming a teacher sounds fun and interesting in multiple ways. Most of my family members are teachers so it is extremely fun when the family gets together and I can hear all their stories from their school and their students.

They are mostly funny and make me want to become a teacher even more. It is also nice having some sort of an idea of what I want to be when I get older, I keep hearing non stop stories of how teens have no idea what they want to be, even on their senior year, so it is nice knowing a little bit of what I want to do, that way I won’t have to worry about it as much when the time does come after high school. I like that I am able to help kids learn, like being with kids, and I think it sounds fun and interesting. Kids these days hate their teacher I would change that I would be a fun and interactive teacher that would help them through the school year and as they grow up in the community. But you never no I might change my mind in my occupation throughout my life in school.