Apple I-Phone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2

Cell phone is primarily a part of the person’s daily life.

Everyone in this world owns a unit of the cell phone. Even a child and an adult can use a hand phone with its basic functions like texting and calling. In this modern world, a cell phone is already a necessity. It’s been used everywhere and around the whole world. Landlines paved down and cell phones made their way as the way number one for communicating with other people.

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With this phenomenon, cell phone brands keep rising at the market and the survival of the best of the best ones co-exists with each other. They are battling for such categories like features, functions, and specifications in order to amaze the humanity. Two of the leading brands among the cell phone gadgets have appeared: the Apple and the Samsung.

We are very familiar with them and the battle between them is provided as eye to eye. The Apple has released its newest product called the Apple I-phone 4S; and the Samsung as well has released its Samsung Galaxy S2 to match up in the tight competition. Both have been released this year, and, for sure, they made the gadget consumers busy again deciding which brand of phone is the best option to purchase. The purpose of this research paper is mainly to discuss the features of the two new hot items recently sold on the market named the Apple I-phone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2. This research paper also aims at detailing their features, functions, specifications, and, at the same time, making comparisons and differences behind the two gadgets mentioned above. As we all know, the Apple I-phone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 have their own controversies and issues at the same moment they were released for the market.

They have the features and specifications being up to date and make each of gadget consumers anxious about the mentioned smart phones. This paper will show some concerns and issues regarding the gadgets per the protocol of their producers. As the topic goes deeper, one would notice the anticipated comparisons and differences between the two items. Features, functions, and specifications will be tackled to reveal and support the purpose of the paper. The objective is to identify which one of the two smart phones will be perfectly suitable for its purchase and, also, between the two phones, and which one of them would be more user friendly and affordable for the purchase without sacrificing the value and the integrity of the features and specifications provided with the good characteristics for the entertainment and services both phones offer. The conclusions and recommendations will be made as well at the end of this paper benefiting not a single person but to all the people concerned.

The scope of this paper will identify the comparison and differences between the Apple4s and Samsung Galaxy S2. Basically, the criteria used are mainly highlighting the two smart phones in their features, functions, and specifications with further making the special recommendations at the end of the essay. The discussion part will also be included in this paper to present the facts, ideas, and findings that will be useful to strongly support the recommendations made in the summary. Some graphs, like the line bar, will be used to visualize the essential data found as the issue between the two cell phones analyzed. It was really hard to gather the data and read some materials to support this paper but, nonetheless, all the efforts have been made to present the sufficient information appealing for the masses at the same time; this will be comprehensive by all people that will read this paper further.

Discussion Two of the leading labels are considered to be the phone gadgets named the Apple and the Samsung. The Apple was known as a brand that primarily offers the good features, functions, and specifications positively appreciated by its consumers and potential buyers. The prices were quite expensive but the phone is definitely valued for its user-friendliness and durability. People are really thankful to the creator of the Apple Mr. Steve Jobs, who has just passed away recently. Many people worldwide were saddened with his death and we are, in return, thankful for his invention and contribution to the technology.

The Samsung, on the other hand, is one of the biggest names in Korea. Not only its producers create gadgets but also they are in line with such different industries like shipping, factory, and construction materials. The Samsung was the brand named matching up of what the Apple has to offer among the people. Together, in the ollaboration with Google, the Operating System called Android has been introduced to the market as the Samsung’s OS that could match up the Apple iOS inserted to that of the Apple’s I-phones. The Samsung’s new product, the Samsung Galaxy S2, matched up the Apples’ I-phone4S.

The Apple I-phone 4S has sold a million of its product within 24 hours since its release on the market. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was said to have sold 10 million of its units, since its worldwide release in April, this year. The Operating System of the Apple, the iOS5, offers its grids 12 cross multiple screens, and they are grouped together according to the functions. The SIRI is a voice control function that lets one facilitate the voice action instructions on the mobile device. This function is only offered exclusively for the I-phone users.

Basically, the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread offers the same features as the iOS5, except for the SIRI. In the appendix page, there is the comparison graph also provided for the paper (Graph 1). This is the size and weight comparison graph for the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 In line with this graph, the following information can be derived. The width and depth of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is 4.

3 inch WV, while for the Apple Iphone4s this is of 3.5. Dimensions for the Samsung Galaxy S2 being 5.11″x2.74″x.

38,” while the Apple Iphone4s is 4.5″x2.31″.37″. The weight of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is 116g 14.09 ounces, while the Apple Iphone4s weights 140g 4.

9 ounces. The battery life is one of the features a consumer checks while buying a gadget depending on their usage. Here is another chart that shows the life table for comparing the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Iphone4s (Graph 2). Talktime Comparison Chart between Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2In this graph, the following information can be provided. The battery life for the minutes of talk time for the Samsung Galaxy S2 runs for 540 minutes or is equivalent to more than 8 hours, while the Apple i Phone 4s runs for 480 minutes of talk time or is around 8 hours, the least.

Conclusion With all the data and information provided, it can be derived that the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple Iphone4S have so many similarities in the terms of their features, functions, and specifications. There are not so many differences between these two phones. This was shown in the Table 1 provided in this paper. There were so many similarities that both phones can offer. The phones may have different ways of packaging or system, but, nonetheless, the features, functions, and specifications indicated in the table will make one assume the product that is better in comparison with the other one. To summarize the table, the Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a more powerful processor than the Iphone4S does.

The camera features and the shots even on videos are being in the same range. The speed of each phone differs also and if we take the table above the Samsung Galaxy S2 is much faster than the Apple Iphone4s. The storage capacity for both phones was also basically the same for two of them but the Apple Iphone4S can offer up to 64 gb of the storage against the maximum of 32gb space of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Prices are also almost the same but the Apple offers a higher price as the storage capacity is higher. For the displays, dimensions, and weight, the Samsung Galaxy S2 shows an advantage as well. In the Graph 1given, it can be seen that the Samsung Galaxy S2 can match up in terms of its compact size and weight appealing to people.

Another Graph 2 shows the talk time comparison, where the battery life of the phone can be tested. Again, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is better keeping its upper hand to compete with the Apple Iphone4S in the terms of battery life. Summary With these provided data and information, it can be concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple Iphone4S do really have a competition, and they are the two leading brands that would not falter on the battle they have sought to win. They match up with each other and, therefore, we can say that these two items are really the best smart phones ever created in the history of the humanity. They have the similarities in all aspects but the one is superior over the other depending on the consumers’ opinion concerning the fact, which one of these two phones is better or superior and has more power compared tto the other one.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has shown the superiority over the Apple in its aspects of the smart phone. In this recommendation part, I would like to focus on the things that will provide some proofs and strong arguments for my last statement in the end of the paper. I would like to give a brief comparison over some areas needed to be detailed to prove my recommendation. The price for both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple Iphone4S with their new contracts from the AT, Sprint, T-mobile, and Verizon were equal and the same and they decreased to 199 dollars. But the Apple Iphone4S offers a higher price as its storage capacity increases.

With its 32GB, it moves up to 299 dollars and with the 64GB it ranges to 399 dollars. I think the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a better choice, since you can get the product for 199 dollars with the 16GB; this is the same price as the 16GB of the Apple Iphone4S. The good part here for the Samsung is that the internal storage memory is expandable up to the 32GB via a micro SD only without paying so much money for the mentioned above upgrade of the storage capacity. In the Apple Iphone4S, you have to add up another 100 dollars to have your phone with the 32GB. The 64GB, I think, it’s already too much of the storage capacity for a person like me.

The 16GB of the storage memory is enough even with the 32GB. I’m not saying that the 64GB is bad. I’m just stating that for the practical purposes, the 16GB is good enough for the phone storage capacity memory. So I could say if to compare the prices, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is superior over the Apple Iphone4S. For the external features, the size of the monitor for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is higher compared with the Apple Iphone4S, and it provides a good viewing resolution, which, I think, is well compared with the Apple Iphone4S. Especially when you watch a movie or a video, a bigger screen in a compact size phone would be much better.

The weight of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is better, since people tend to go for a lighter product at hand compared to other heavier products. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a bigger screen in the light of weight packaging, which is so much anticipated for a person like me. So the other superiority stands for the Samsung Galaxy S2. In the terms of display, both have been engineered by a well known system. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is powered with the supermodel with matching the retina display of the Apple Iphone4S.

Both phones have the equal superiority and power in terms of their display system. The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is higher than the Apple Iphone4S. The Samsung has the 1650mAh lithium-ion battery with 540 minutes of talk time, and 576 hours of standby time, while the Apple Iphone4S has 1420mAh lithium-ion battery with 480 minutes of talk time of 3g and has 200 hours of standby time. This is also evident in the graph shown in the discussion part of this paper. In the terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S2 again snatches the superiority and power.

The colours for both phones were basically as well as for the cameras. Both phones are equal in this aspect. With their processors, the Samsung Galaxy S2 offers the 1.2 Ghz dual core, ARM Cortex-A9 processor (CPU), a Mali-400 GPU, Exynos Chipse, while, on the other hand, the Apple Iphone4S offers the 1Ghz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor (CPU), PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, the Apple A5 chipset. For an individual like me, as the way I see it not being a computer expert, I may conclude that the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S2 runs a bit faster compared to the Apple Iphone4S in the terms of numbers and digits in the description of both processors. The Samsung Galaxy S2 once again stands for the superiority and power over the Apple’s Iphone 4S.

The operating systems for both phones are superior and of the equal quality. As stated earlier in this paper, the Samsung was able to match up with the operating system of the Apple. I can say that both are having the user friendliness and accessibility. Some people say that the Apple iOS5 is superior than the Android 2.3.

5 Gingerbread. I think that it really depends on the opinion of a person as me as both operating systems are equal. Both have the superiority and edges. The application stores for both the Samsung and the Apple products have not many differences. Both have their own uniqueness and both have the equal accessibilities.

Good offers and products are offered by both applications.For me personally, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a better choice in the terms of the data and information presented. It has the edge, matches the Apple iphone4S characteristics, and is much superior having the advantages in those aspects I have named in this paper.