Samsung S III versus I phone 5

Samsung S III and I phone 5 are phones that were launched into the android market in 2012. Despite the fact that Samsung S III was launched several months earlier than I phone 5, arguments have been abounding regarding, which phone is the best between the two. Notably, people have based their arguments on four main points that include the design and display, software, software and memory, and multimedia and camera. For instance, regarding the display, people prefer a phone that has the widest screen and a good resolution.

In my opinion, Samsung S III is superior to I phone 5 as explicated below. Design and Display According to Rich, I phone 5 is a relatively slim phone (35). This abounds from the fact that the phone has 4″ 640 x 1136 Retina display. However, this is nothing when compared to Samsung S III display. Hughes Opines that Samsung S III has a larger display in comparison to I phone 5 (67).

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The fact that it comprises of a 4.8″ HD 720 x 1280 super amoled display proves this point. Thus, in my opinion, I prefer Samsung S III to I phone 5 because it is more comfortable to play games with and surf the internet. Software It should be noted that the two phones support different types of software. I phone 5 runs on a native Apple OS christened IOS 6.

On the other hand, Samsung S III utilizes Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and Touch Wiz UI. Notably, the competition between the two phones commenced in 2008 after the inception of Android and arguably, Android has undergone significant changes since that time. It should be noted that Android has undergone a variety of changes, which has influenced its speed too that it is about to rank the same in speed as an IOS. This cannot be compared to Android’s operating system, which is always nippy.

Regarding Androids, which includes Samsung S III, the phones can allow changing of how we respond to certain functions such as the way we respond to SMS, it can be replaced with something else. It should also be noted that Androids such as Samsung S III can allow a person to modify the way their screen display appears, which is not possible with Apple I Phone 5(Sadun 121).Processor and Memory It should be noted that the phones vary in terms of their on board processors. While Samsung S III contains a 1.5 GHz duual-core Qualcomm. Snapdragon processor accompanied with a 2GB Ram, I phone 5 has a 1 GHz dual0core Apple A6 processor accompanied with 1 GB RAM.

Despite the fact that the international version of Samsung S III has downgraded specs, Samsung S III still ranks at the top of I phone because the US version can process information faster than I phone. Notably, the two phones come with 16 GB and 32 GB capacities. Camera and MultimediaThe fact that the two phones compare in terms of their music players does not equal them in terms of performance and display. Samsung S III is has an advantage over I phone 5 because it has a larger display, which captivates people (Rich 74). However, the two phones still compare spec wise because they both have MP cameras BSI sensors that have fast lenses, which can cope with low light photography. Thus, both phones can facilitate the shooting of 1080 video.

In conclusion, I prefer Samsung S III over I phone 5 because of various reasons. These include the wide display, the fact that it can support a variety of software, and its specs. Thus, in opinion, Samsung S III is has a higher performance as compared to I phone 5.