Mi Phone Market Strategy

Description Axiom Tech (Beijing Axiom Tech Limited Liability Company) was created and led by angel investor Lei Junk in Beijing in 2010. It consists of some top talents who worked in Google, Microsoft and Kingston and focuses on phone and Android software development of smart phone and service operation of mobile internet. The logo of Axiom is “MI”, which is the abbreviation of Mobile Internet and represents that Axiom Tech is a mobile internet corporation. At the end of 2010, Axiom Teach launched Phone real-name community Million.

In the next half year, the registered seer of Million breaks through 3 million. In addition, Axiom tech launches mobile phone operating system MIL and Android mobile phone MI. Million, MIL and MI are the three key core of Axiom Tech.

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SOOT analysts * Strengths Clear market position: Axiom satisfies the need of mobile phone enthusiasts and caters to general public. Powerful product portfolio: Axiom can combine the hardware, SO and software. This is the first in inland. Highlighted the price advantage: High cost performance of Axiom’s product obtains popularity.

Excellent technology: Axiom has powerful founding team, Technology research and velveteen team and help from mobile phone enthusiasts.

* Weaknesses Simple product types: MIL and Million rely on the MI and have poor independence. Limited channel: Axiom lacks resource to expand channel and manage. Lack of the management of hardware: Axiom was a software corporation. For hardware, Axiom has little experience. After-sale Service System: Axiom lacks resource to support after-sale Service System. Limited production capacity: Axiom do not have its own factory and only rely on other factory to package.

Low value of brand: Axiom is a new mobile phone corporation and has not impressed the public. Opportunities Huge market potential: China has the biggest mobile market. Axiom has the huge market potential. The newest need of user: Cheap and fine product is more popular in mobile internet era. The mobile phone with the combination of powerful function and low price will be widely liked. Beneficial marketing environment: Apple, Monika and Android are the top three mobile phones in today. But Monika has the declining tendency. Axiom Tech has opportunity to replace it. * Threats Intense competition: Axiom nearly fame overnight.

This also brings intense competition to Axiom. Axiom is like fledgling and no one swoon whether Axiom can get through these competitions successfully.

Production capacity and channel: These are two significant defects of Axiom. But they cannot be solved in short time. Potential competition: China is the biggest mobile market. In the future, potential competition must enter this area. Marketing and marketing mix strategies * The early marketing Hunger marketing, which imitates Appeal’s marketing strategy, has a pronounced effect on the public. * The four As Product: MI phone is positioned for enthusiastic fan.

It has fortissimo configuration ND the latest function. Participation of enthusiastic fan is the feature of MI. This satisfies the need of enthusiastic fan. Youth brand and fashionable packaging win the love of the youths. Appropriative app, like Million and MIL is also attractive augmented product besides appropriative mobile phone shell etc.

Price: The two major price strategies MI are penetration pricing and target-return pricing. The price of MI is *1999. It is much lower than the other mobile phone with the same configuration. Lower price attract the customer, who has high demand to mobile phone configuration, to buy the MI rapidly.

On the other hand, Axiom’s CEO Elise said that Axiom Tech did not want to get too much profit from MI phone but aim to profit through follow-up service. Promotion: The high-key product launch catches the eyes of the media and public.

Media hype keep publics attrition is on MI phone. Through micro blob, the gap between users and corporation is reduced. Axiom forum gather the fan of Mi and provide a place to exchange the experience of MI’s users. At the same time, the activities issued by Axiom forum develop many loyal users. Place: MI phone apply network sale to reduce cost and suit the interest of the youth.

In the meantime, network puts an end to fake goods. Marketing management philosophy The purpose of MI is to work with the enthusiastic fan. MI phone must satisfy the needs and wants of enthusiastic fan. Therefore, Axiom Tech first determines what the enthusiastic fans want, then produces what the enthusiastic fans want, and then sells the enthusiastic fans what it wants. So the marketing management philosophy of MI is marketing orientation. Marketing research Typical customers and core products * Typical customers The marketing positioning of MI phone is the mobile phone of the enthusiastic fan.