Product market strategy

The impact of product market strategy-organizational culture fit on business performance” Journal Title:Journal of Marketing Science Date/lssue:2011 39:555-573 The reason for choosing:This article is identified that product market strategy and organizational culture as key variables highlighted in theoritical explanations of firm performance in the marketing strategy. The following three elements are the key for firms to adapt successfully the environment; Fisrtly,The firm’s should make its product market strategy with adaqute resources and capabilities to achice its own goals in the market environment. condly, its has a organizational culture which effect both managers and employee’s behaviors and sense to the environment.

Finally,product market strategy decisions and organizational cultural are parallel to each other to effective and efficient implementation of planned product market strategy.

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Product market strategies are interested to either building superior products/services or achieving lowest delivered cost,and either operating in narrow niches or broad mass marketplaces. rganizational culture is related with shared values, beliefs, and assumptions that help individuals and groups to function within organizations. A usiness’s product market strategy, representing its planned ptterns of resource deployments in pursit of desired strategic goals, should therefore be affected in important ways by organizational culture. The performance of bussiness should be effective and efficient thereby product strategy and organizational cultural are in fit individual and strategid goals will be aligned.

So that the company satisfacted its customer needs better then before. Also this fit between product marketing strategy and organizational culture make companies cash flow return on assets greater.

Because the value delivered to targer customers lead to greater sales evenue and decreased price sensitivity. The managers should not seem the product marketing strategies as focus on gathering data ,applying analytical tools and selecting devision options on the basis analyses of the external market.

They should primarily interested with external environment and the internal organization in devoloping product market strategiy. Also they should be aware of company’s own organizational culturel and carefully choose the relavant extent. ln addition,managers understood the existing organizational culture and consider the scale and nature of any changes to organizational culture.

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