Product Market Analysis

Gillette is a brand of men’s safety razors and personal grooming products based in Boston, Massachusetts. Although primarily known for their facial razors, its owner Proctor & Gamble have expanded the Gillette brand by building something more than a precise blade; a complete regimen of male care products. Today, the company produces top of the line razors, backed by their “Gillette Science”, along with body washes, antiperspirants, creams, foams, and everything else related to men’s skin. Their newest innovation, as publicized in the ad Eve chosen, the Fusion

Propelled Razor with Flexible Technology, is a product unlike anything ever fashioned In the marketplace. Aside from Its five blades that have been engineered to generate minimal tug and pull, the new “Flexible” allows the razor to maneuver to every contour of a man’s face, essentially eliminating every hair in sight.

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While Toilette’s brand stands elite among male hygienic companies with its continuance of fresh ideas turned reality, it does involve itself in a product and service category that poses constant threats to its consumer base.

Specifically, Gillette competes broadly with entitles devoted to personal grooming which Includes any business that helps enhance Individual appearance, as well as Industries keen on the creation of portable electrical appliances. The Fusion Propelled Razor with Flexible Technology competes solely with rival razor blade producers. Even though Gillette contains a diversified array of products, establishing competitors across a spectrum of different industries, this particular item is constricted to the category of purely grooming devices.

That stated, the main imitators to this product are Bran’s 7 Series, Chick Equator, and the Philips Enrollee Powerhouse_ Given the strength of the three companies presented, I pose that another competitor has seemingly gone unnoticed over the years: Gillette itself. It is quite apparent through advertisements and other marketing platforms that Gillette has consistently met our generation’s demands in regard to manufacturing a razor with advanced features.

I question whether, at times, Gillette has to compete within Its own doors in view of the fact that consumers aren’t going to be drawn to elder technology.

Regardless If the Mach or Fusion Propelled holds great grooming qualities, the product performance Is always downplayed by Toilette’s latest and biggest razor. To put forth, if not for the respective shaving-related adversaries noted above, not much would stand between the Propelled and market dominance. Gillette has segmented the market by providing its buyers with a superior razor that results In a high-quality shave, with the suitability of maintaining to be a disposable Item.

Many men hassle over their razor’s price, convenience, and overall read, but with Toilette’s Propelled, users have little reason to doubt the Impact this product can create given its many consumer-friendly aspects.

I think Gillette used several segmentation variables to accomplish the aforementioned aspects. Beginning, they used gender and age under the demographic dimension, showing their prospective consumers who exactly are their clients. Next, the cryptographic and behavioral breakdowns include men who displayed a certain lifestyle and personality, as well as exhibited specific values.

This area of customer characteristics laity and quantity of men who use their razors. Ending, their brand has always been categorized as an economically friendly alternative to other shaving appliances portrayed through their distinctive clientele-base, evidenced by income and occupation. After cumulating the main segmentations of Toilette’s brand, I was able to properly describe their directed target market via this attached advertisement.

In thoroughly reviewing the advertisement and analyzing Toilette’s brand, I have arrived at an appropriate target market, focusing on an array of variables.

The demographic segmentation here ranges from young adults, 16 to 17 year olds, to men of all ages. Factors, such as race, household size, and marital status are all irrelevant being that shaving is an unavoidable component of being a man. The same applies when breaking down the firm’s geographic component; there’s no region or city size that will stop that 5 o’clock shadow from eventually appearing. In depicting a fitting cryptographic segmentation, the Gillette Propelled appeals to men who live an active lifestyle while at the same time portray characteristics of sophistication and ingenuity.

Middle and high-class men best represent the variable of socioeconomic status, comprised mainly of men employed in refined, reputable, and most importantly respectable occupations.

Finally, behavioral expectations of this segment illustrate men who pride themselves on physical appearance and loyalty. Through their dedication to looking presentable in most settings, the traits intertwine, forming an allegiance between the usage and the outcomes of a great shave.

The results further indicate deeper brand loyalty from this inherent relationship, practically minting a vivid image of a man regularly using his Gillette, giving no second thoughts to another blade. In providing additional support for my claims, the advertisement selected came from Men’s Health, which covers topics such as fitness, appearance, fashion, sexuality, and general wellness. The average Gillette Propelled user I described above precisely fits my assertions of their target market.

Those who subscribe to this magazine are men that are interested in improving themselves in all facets of life.

Personal hygiene and grooming happens to be a major component f Men’s Health, encouraging men from all arenas of the globe to take control of the way they present themselves. It is no shock that Toilette’s Propelled has taken out an entire page of advertisement for their product as they intend on drawing the attention of classy, loyal, educated, and financially stable individuals searching for an ideal shaving instrument. “By Moving Side To Side, Shaving Has Finally, Moved Forward. ” This is the compelling statement behind Toilette’s new Propelled Razor with Flexible Technology.

The marketing strategy in the ad shown can be best defined as a product with a nominative advantage in a differentiated marketplace. Why do I believe that? Given that Gillette has a number of different products and services, this new shaving device is a part of a particular market segment with a particular strategy, falling under the domain of being “differentiated. ” Also, when addressing marketing analysis of the razor, the new Propelled can be referred to as a product with a competitive advantage. This holds true as defined by the class text; it is “something special a firm does or has that gives it an edge over competitors” (Belch 44).

Since Toilette’s new flexible technology allows the user to reach every contour of his face, the “edge” is rather that has a superior value, unmatched by any rivals in the marketplace and backed through the brand’s recognized quality in men’s personal care and grooming products. Since source credibility and attractiveness is of the utmost importance when referencing an ad, Men’s Health can be confirmed as a relevant choice of information.

Its familiarity across the country makes it a trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable editorial given its extended tenure as a leading magazine dedicated to the improvement of men’s everyday lives.

Although the ad is one-sided, its message is bold; “shaving has finally moved forward. ” This conveys a strong appeal to potential users that there is no other razor like the Propelled and Toilette’s brand holds the solution to the core of a every man’s grooming regimen; shaving. Further stating, the advertisement is encoded through a graphic, non-personal, self- paced media channel of the market segment. Since the Peroxide’s media vehicle is Men’s Health, the initial target audience I believe is a niche market.

This claim is enforced by the fact that not everyone holds a subscription to this exclusive fitness magazine, limiting this product’s exposure prior to it reaching broader classes of people.

Toilette’s decision to run this ad in a popular monthly publication is supported by their concept that when men look and feel good, their performance can only improve. This parallels Men’s Health as they strive to give men the tools necessary to make their lives better by providing in-depth coverage of the latest trends in fashion, grooming, health, and cutting-edge gear… The brand for active, successful, and professional men” (Men’s Health 1).

In decoding everything gathered, this corresponds impeccably to the target market (audience) I detailed in the previous paragraph. Gillette is a world-renowned brand, that to date, has positioned itself atop its respective marketplace. This is clear by looking at the positioning of the Fusion Propelled Razor with Flexible Technology. Gillette here uses the dimensions of product attributes and benefits, application, as well as competitors.

No other disposable razor in the market adapts to the consumer’s needs as superior as this reticular item given its innovative features. I believe this to be true because, as reiterated in the class lectures, an excellent positioning strategy can ultimately be the deciding factor in the purchase off product.

I think the attributes and benefits of its “flexible” are infinite in the eyes of male, and reflecting on my own personal experience, it can be quite difficult to reach particular contours of my face when shaving. Next, I think its application is superb as illustrated through its nonchalant categorization as a disposable razor.

In support, it has the ability to perform equivalent to an expensive battery shaver while still maintaining its general purpose as an item that, from a price standpoint, should bear no stress to the user seeing as it can be easily replaced and thrown away. Finishing, I believe the competition is far out of this product’s league in view of the fact that there is literally nothing like it in the marketplace of male grooming items. In comparison to other razors, the Propelled surpasses them in price, features, and most importantly quality, essentially deeming Gillette “the best a man can get.