Target Market Analysis

The Kao Corporation is originated by Mr. Tomiro Nagase and founded in June 1887.

High quality toiletry soap becomes first manufactured goods that are launched. This corporation started to develop and expand their business to other field of business such as the beauty care business wherein the company recommend prestige cosmetics, and premium skin care and hair care products, and the fabric and home care business, which contain laundry detergents and household cleaners.In addition, in the chemical business this company develop chemical products that meet the various needs of industry (Kao Group Site, 2011). The mission of this company is to make every effort for the wholehearted satisfaction. The member of staff in the Kao Corporation has made an obligation that as their working mutually with passion and share joy with their consumers (Kao Group Site, 2011).

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The aim of the company is to gaining the respect and trust from the entire customer, consumers and also the stakeholders. In 1987, the Kao Corporation launching laundry detergent called Biozet attack.Biozet attack is one of the well known laundry powder in Australia. This product has superiority four times faster dissolving which means when the powders touch the water, it breaks open and dissolving the powder four times faster than other products (Biozet attack, 2009). The target market of this product is to fulfil customer expectations that wanted to clean their clothes, dress, or shirts from a stain.

The 4 P’s analysis are use to discuss more deeply about this product but before applying the 4P’s analysis, there are three things need to be explained such as segmentation , target market , and positioning. Segmentation and Target Market Segmentation can fall into four different categories such as geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, and behavioural segmentation. The biozet attack is categorised in demographic segmentation. Demographic segmentation is based on the feature of population such as age, education, gender, occupation, and income. The range of age and gender who buys the biozet attack product is between 21 years old to 57 years old and both male and female can be the purchaser of this product.The occupation and income variable of purchaser of this product are no boundaries because even student able to buy this product and also people with low-income can purchase this product.

The target market of this product is mass marketing, indicates that the purchaser have the frequent wants and needs. In a simple way, mass marketing is manufacture one product and satisfy the entire consumer. The advantage of mass marketing for this product is producing a large number of products with a low cost per unit (Helium, 2011).Positioning The positioning of this product is fall into four different types such as market positioning, brand positioning, company positioning, and competitive positioning. The market positioning of this product is by putting advertising through internet and television advertisement, which can be assumed to be a good way of marketing a product.

The company manufactured biozet attack is called the Kao Corporation, not a really famous company in Australia but quite a well known company in Japan.The brand positioning is a necessary aspect in positioning a company, a biozet attack is a famous brand in Australia and many other countries such as Japan, Indonesia, China, and Singapore. Finally, the competitive positioning is how a company is distinguish their offering and create value to the global market (Marketing [M. O], 2010). The competitive positioning can be illustrated by using the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats analysis for example the strengths of the company are professional technological skills and leading brands in the global market.

ProductA product is something that a company want to offer to the global market. A product “can be a good, a service, an idea, an event, an activity, a person or an experience” (Pride et al, 2004 pp. 8). The research product assigned for this paper is Biozet attack laundry powder. This product is one of the well known products in all global market.

The new biozet attack is patented air burst technology in every micro capsules which makes the powder dissolving four times faster than the previous product (Biozet Attack, 2009). There are two different types of biozet attack which is the one for he front loader washing machine and top loader washing machine. There are distinctions between front loader washing machine and top loader washing machine for example, front loader washing machine uses less energy as well as water and also it uses gravity to twist the clothes inside the washing machine. On the other hand, top loader washing machine use agitator to twist the clothes to clean the dirt and stain (Wise Geek, 2003). There are two enzymes use in the process of making biozet attack laundry powder namely the Z enzyme-C and the Z enzyme- P.

The Z enzyme-C helps to take away the stains within the fibres, whereas the Z enzyme-C attacks protein stain (Biozet Attack, 2009). Biozet attack is categorised as consumer product and classified as a convenience product because this product are low cost item, often to be purchased by consumer and slight involvement in decision making process (Elliot,G et al pp. 207). Furthermore, convenience product can also be categorised as staple products which mean products buy and used by consumers frequently.Biozet attacks provide a great performance every time for example “removes stubborn stain, whitens whites and prevents yellowing, brighten colours, removes odours, and fresh floral scent that lasts from wash to wear” (Biozet attack, 2009). The marketing strategies used to market this product are brand.

“Brand is a collection of symbols such as a name, logo, slogan and design. Brand is used to distinguish a product from other competitors’ product (Elliot,G et al , 2010, pp. 219).Therefore, biozet attack is a well known brand in Australia; as a result consumer would prefer a well known brand and also it helps to accelerate the way consumer purchases their product by recognizing preferred brand. Price Price plays a crucial role in its marketability. Price is the amount of money that a business agreeable to pay for its offerings.

In order a business can sets its price, a business have need to know how much money did the business spend during the process of manufacture the product.A business can set a high price and make high earnings or set a low price to beat the competition (W, Tim, G Richardson, 2010). A company could suffer a loss if the price is set too high or too low. Biozet attack is sensitive when it comes to price, therefore the price of this product is considered as elastic price. Price elastic means that if the price of a product increases so the demand of buying this product will decrease.

The pricing strategies that biozet attacks apply is psychological pricing. Psychological pricing is a marketing strategy that set their price to influence buyer perception.An example of psychological pricing for instance Biozet attack sets their price $9. 99 instead of $10. 00. The product prices often expressed as “odd prices” which mean “a little less than a round number” (Small business, 2009).

Generally, most company using a “strategy of differentiation which emphasise the uniqueness of the products” (Elliot,G et al , 2010, pp. 263). Biozet attack is a non price competition and the strategy their implement for this product is focusing on product characteristics for instance brand, quality uniqueness, image or service (Elliot,G et al , 2010, pp. 64). As a result of this strategy, the product can be charge a high price due to the good quality, well known brand, and also it can be purchased almost in every local convenience.

Therefore, the non price competition of biozet attack is great to build customer trustworthiness toward their brand. Hence, if biozet attack customers prefer this brand, in that case competitor would having trouble to attract biozet attack customer due to the loyalty of the customer with this brand. Place (Distribution)According to (Chaffey et al, 2009), place or distribution refers to how a product is distributed to the customers at the right time and at the right place and also its about how companies be in touch with customers. The way biozet attack distributed their products are through delivering their product to customer or consumer with no delay (Biozet Attack, 2009). Biozet attack is an example of long standing channel. Long standing channel is a process where the goods are move starting from producer to a wholesaler, then to a retailer, and finally to consumers.

In this case, wholesaler as an intermediary plays an important role in this channel such as sponsor the products and also finding and collecting information (Angel Fire, 2011). Retailers also an intermediary which connect the customer and producer, in additional retailers are small business which sells a products mostly from other business product and an example of retailers are corner shops, supermarket, and convenience store. In order to get a better understand about the long standing channel; refer to third channel from the bottom graph.Reference (tutor2u, 2011) Promotion Promotion is the way business advertising and market their product. There is various way of advertising for example television advertisement, sales promotion, brochure, internet, newspaper and catalogue. The biozet attack uses some of the promotion methods to increase their profit and also to attract more customers.

Consequently, biozet attack use television advertisement to market their product, brochure and template are distributed on the street and sales promotion by giving voucher or discount card to attract a customer.Nowadays, internet also uses for promotion a product for example social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Social networking site is one of the most frequent methods to use to advertise a product.

As a result of good promotion, it helps a biozet attack to boost their revenue and attract more customers. Conclusion In a conclusion, as mention before that Biozet attack is one of the well known products in Australia. The marketing mix such as product, price, promotion and place are use to evaluate the company marketing strategies.Firstly, it shows that biozet attack is categorised as consumer product and classified as convenience product and also how the biozet attack use “brand” marketing strategies to attract their customer in order to increase their profit. Secondly, the psychological pricing marketing strategy is applied into this product.

Thirdly, the biozet attack are promoting through internet and television advertisement. Lastly, it illustrates how biozet attack distributes their product by delivering their goods at the right place and also at the right time without delay.