Psychographic And Behavioral Target Market For A Restaurant

Introduction The TWIST restaurant is located at Yonge Street, Ontario, Toronto, Canada and Roehampton Avenue. It is a restaurant and lounge, which offer highly specialized drinks, serve lunch and dinner. The restaurant aims in achieving pre eminence in both food and beverage, providing the best atmosphere and an inspiring setting. This paper aims at looking at the target market of the restaurant and lounge.

Target market for TWIST Restaurant. One of the major factors, when targeting the customers, is their income. This makes business able to adjust the prices of items on the menu. The following segments are the target customer of the TWIST restaurant. We first target students, teenagers as well as the young adults.

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This is because they are potential buyers of fast foods, drinks and pay for events. Teenagers have disposable income that comes from their pocket money like in the case of students. Teenagers could be easily attracted to buy from the restaurant in that they are the “net generation”. Many young people have accounts on Facebook, My Space, Twitter and others. If the restaurant maintains a website, then we will be able to advertise the place and its events like concerts, karaoke music extravaganzas and many more. Also, young people want to feel that whatever they buy is worth the price and, therefore, could be attracted easily by giving special promotions to them like a free drink (Frisch, 2006). Families with children are another target market. Many families like to go out for a meal making about fifty six percent of the food sales. Making families eat at the restaurant involves making sure to balance between providin the children with what they want and making their parents happy all through.

The restaurant could create a kid focused environment by providing games, arcade outdoor recreation play rooms, aquariums, and prizes, and by decorating the place using different colors and pictures. Parents will come to the restaurant because their kids are entertained. This brings more sales to the restaurant. Parents should also be made comfortable by providing a wide table to give enough space for the family, ensure the servers are patient and friendly with both the parents and children. It has been noted that many kids will order their own food and, therefore, should have their own menu.

They are the main customers of macaroni, hot dogs, chicken strips, cheese and pizza (Dando, 2004). Seniors are also a target market because it has been noted that there are more old people in a country than young ones. The population is growing, and it includes the retirees. These require capturing and keeping as customers. This is because they have money to use at their favorite restaurants. The only thing to be done to the restaurant is to make it their favorite by offering discounts to diners in the early evenings and they will become loyal customers, especially diners, which bring large gains.

When people travel and go for vacations, they require a place to rest and relax. Tourists should be the next target as they bring a lot of foreign exchange. The restaurant should be a tourist destination. This can be done by distributing paper menus to various locations such as airports and in bulletin boards, be listed in directories and restaurant guides and maintain a restaurant website so that when the tourists surf, they can be able to get the restaurant as the best place to eat and lounge. Sport fans are another target for the restaurant. Nielson research shows that NFL games attracted over two hundred million viewers in the year 2011, where each game attracted about seventeen million viewers (Southard, 2006).

This means that if the restaurant has giant screens where people could watch all sorts of games, then the parking would be full and restaurants as well. These fans are fond of taking drinks and interactive food making high sales during the seasons of games. During the weekdays over the lunch time hours, the corporate customers usually take their lunch hour break to dine in the restaurants. These should also be targeted in the TWIST restaurant. This is because these people will never lack as they are always working near the town; hence they will come to the restaurant for lunch.

They should be attracted to the restaurant with help of discounts when they have large parties such as a meeting being held at the restaurant. We also plan to offer them deliveries to their local businesses, and also offering lunch special that includes salad, pizza and a drink at a lower price for those who may feel the hefty lunch bills too much of a burden and opt to go home for lunch. By doing this, the TWIST restaurant will tap many customers and get a lot of profits (Frisch, 2006).Business people are also a target. This is because they always look for sites where they can have meetings, seminars and a place for recreation. They are the best customers for the lounge and the meals when they have meetings.

These people need to be tapped by giving them discounts when they buy meals, when they take many rooms for the nights they spend and on the drinks. This will increase the number of business investors who will be willing to use the restaurant, hence increasing sales.