Product Analysis Report

Executive Summary Chinta Ria is a casual fine dining restaurant, located in Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour which is one of the strategic tourism destinations in Sydney. The main purpose of this product analysis report is to provide product development strategy in order to remain in the competitive environment. This report will firstly start with the background of the restaurant; it discusses the overall Chinta Ria’s product mix which consist of its service, the brand, product item, and package.

Secondly, the concepts of ustomer experience are their expectation, perception, satisfaction, and value will be discussed next.

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Thirdly, the examination of direct and indirect competitor analysis will end this report. Mamak is considered as the direct competitor because it is one of the most famous Malaysian restaurants in the city and Coast as Chinta Ria indirect competitor because it is located Just beside Chinta Ria. Lastly, SWOT and PESTLE analysis of Chinta Ria are provided in the final part of this report, recommendation nd suggestion are also provided for Chinta Ria to remain competitive in the future.

Background Chinta Ria is a casual fine dining restaurant, they serve modern Chinese Malaysian cuisine. This Malaysian temple theme restaurant is located in Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour. The location suits with the restaurant concept because Cockle Bay Wharf is the right place where people usually look for food.

This restaurant is located in a very strategic place, this area is a must visit for tourists and it is surrounded by many office buildings. Moreover, the type of transaction they have is 90% dine in and 10% take away.

A temple-like decor with a statue of big Buddha and live atmosphere of Chinta Ria always leave a memorable experience to customers. Chinta Ria’s target market involve both local and international tourists and business people from the surrounding office building. The majority of the customers going to Chinta Ria depends on lunch and dinner session. Lunch time normally brings 60% of business people and the rest is tourists, meanwhile dinner time is contributed by 70% tourists nd business people and residents contribute the rest.

Product mix Chinta Ria’s product mix consists of service, the brand, product items, and packages. Service includes the ambience of the restaurant and the quality of service provided by the employees. Service quality of Chinta Ria is outstanding, as employees are very helpful and polite to every customers. The restaurant’s view is spectacular, being surrounded by the ocean view and it offers a romantic ambience at night. Chinta Ria also provides disabled access whom needed.