Applpoly case study

The new-task buying (148) process would be most prevalent in this case. Similar to Michaels Bun’s six prototypical buying decision approaches for final customers, the primary characteristics of this process include a large time expense, multiple influences, a strong review of suppliers, and a need for a lot of information (2). These characteristics shape the marketing of the product in a number of ways.

Because business and organizational customers (140) spend lots of time looking for information, a marketer’s promotions have a greater chance of being noticed and of avian an impact. With this said an informational website is key.

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Also, business buyers will only use information sources that they trust. Key to marketing this product involves gaining customer trust, and to keep their trust a marketer must be sure its information is reliable.

The multiple buying influences (144) characteristic means that the marketers should be aware of all facets involved in the selling of the product including friendly relationships and offering the lowest total cost associated Ninth purchases. Lastly, the marketing of the product should incorporate promotions in magazines and good reports in leading trade papers. . The five multiple buying influences are users, influences, buyers, deciders, and gatekeepers.

The users in this case are the workers who install the foam domes.

The influences are engineers responsible for writing the specifications the buyers need the foam dome to fulfill. Ere buyers are the managers in contact with Apology sales team and are responsible for negotiating the sale. The deciders are the people who have the authority to make the purchasing decision to go with the foam dome. The deciders use a vender analysis (145) to provide a fair and balanced rating and should try to eliminate personalities (1).