Aquatics in Affliction

Marine animals are slowly dying out. Imagine going to the beach and seeing nothing but a dead ocean. No fish swimming in the ocean, no turtles to adore, no dolphins to swim with. Not such a great sight huh? Well, that will soon be our future if we keep doing what we are doing. That is why the Dubai Aquarium Conservation Center is trying to make a positive change in the environment.

What’s the cause? Many sea creatures are dying from global issues we can’t control such as climate change. The majority though, are dying from issues that we do all on our own. These issues are habitat loss, poaching, overfishing, and most importantly, pollution. These issues are both very easy to fix but needs everyone around the world helping. Every year, about 10,000 sea mammals die from just pollution.

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Just imagine how many sea creatures die from all the global issues combined each year. In 2015, National Geographic proved that “There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean.”If we were to keep this up, we would need about three different planets to live in. Sadly we only have one.

So we need to be more caring for it. Organizations at Help Although marine mammals were the most frequently targeted animals, they receive the most funding. The field of conservation receives about $160 million in the UAE to support aquatic species. Adding on to the previous evidence, aquariums are helping to save species, as well as coordinate, participate in, and provide financial support to projects that directly impact wildlife and wild places. Almost 190 different species benefit from these conservation projects.

The Dubai Conservation Center is one of the most involved conservations in the world. Their main goal is to build awareness and inspire action to protect, promote and preserve our planet. Furthermore, they focus on how global issues affect animals and their environments. They have volunteers that monitor the health of the coral reefs in more than 90 countries. The Dubai Conservation Center is not only helping, but are trying to get others involved. They have a program that allows students to learn about the environment and their impact on it.

This program lets students learn about aquatic environments and interact with a diverse range of marine life. It also teaches students about behind-the-scenes operations of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and how they can make a difference in protecting animals and habitats. They are taught this by being presented with detailed information to increase their environmental awareness. The students are encouraged to be part of the global conservation campaign and learn to take leadership roles in protecting the environment. Our Green Footprint Although organization around the world are trying to help, they cannot do it without us. We can help by just doing small, simple, things like having a recycling can for plastic, metal, paper, and cardboard.

Or participate in annual cleanups across the UAE. So go out and make a green footprint in the world.