The Ocean

In the ocean waters lie unseen organisms and unanswered questions. As human beings we do not know many things about the ocean. Maybe it’s for the better or possibly for the worse. Scientists aren’t sure if more dangerous things are in the ocean like sharks, sea urchins, and other flesh eating or poisonous organisms.

Scientists have been increasing the amount of time spent in the ocean every year. Exploration is an important part of research. New species are still wandering in the ocean unseen. They say we know more about space then we do our own ocean. You can only know what is soon to be found or what it contains.

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For all we know a scientist can stumble upon a century old beast that holds prehistoric truths. Not only could we learn more about the dinosaurs that still bewilder humans today, we could also find a new source of food or medicine extract. Although there is a possibility of finding things that could help for the better, we can also find species that are dangerous or physically harming. Not knowing much about the ocean leaving human beings at a disadvantage when using it for terms of entertainment or physical activities. If an undiscovered poisonous animal bites someone unexpectedly doctors wouldn’t know the cause of the injury or how to treat it.

If scientists explore the ocean and find the animal before it bites, an anti-venom can be created and in the least people can be warned. Ocean exploration is important for keeping people safe and gaining knowledge about Earth. It’s a good idea in the mind of some but other still disagree. As an enormous part of human life, the ocean, to some needs no further exploration. They feel as if money is being wasted on a illogical cause.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but what is the point on risking lives when the problem can be contained at the source before it becomes an epidemic. Ocean exploration in my opinion is a great idea. As humans we know billions of animals that live there and that is not even half of what can be discovered. Some of the things can’t be seen by the naked eye and some can. I for one think that it is not a waste of money and should be continued.