Blue Ocean Strategy

The impact of Blue Ocean Strategy In the earlier work (See Blue Ocean Strategy: how to create uncontested market , 2005) it has been argued two types of strategies: blue ocean strategy and red ocean strategy. Red ocean strategists compete to win market share in traditional mature markets and pursue either a differentiation or cost leader strategy. On the other hand, Blue ocean strategists, create new environments, redefine products or services or the nature of competition, make competition irrelevant, and pursue a strategy of differentiation and low cost.

This essay puts an extend view: the applications of Blue Ocean strategy in real cases, and what is key advantage of blue ocean strategy? From the researcher‘s point of view, the biggest benefit from the book is how to use the Blue Ocean strategy to analyze real case, in other words, how to control the process of 1. Select Blue Ocean; 2. Make strategy canvas; 3. Key actions. With the implementation of the policy of openness and reform, a great number of modem facilities and technologies were introduced into China.

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The situation indicated that the potential English teaching market was very huge.

On the other hand, many of the schools purporting to teach English are less than good. They hire people who are not qualified to teach, and pay them poorly, while charging students big bucks. There are frequent articles in English language Chinese papers pointing out the inadequacies of the teachers. Fortunately the researcher had a chance to take part in one consultant group for a Chinese project; the project named Wisdom online focus on the E-learning of English teaching in China.

In this project the researcher use Blue Ocean strategy to analyze the situation of Wisdom online project.

Unlike traditional methods, which are based on primarily on memorization, Wisdom Online ‘s intelligence Method emphasizes learning in a dynamic environment, which includes group activities, role-playing, skits as well as books and games. Wisdom Online’s Method of teaching English to young students is based on the “Communicative Method”.