Architectural Management, and the Case Study of a House

You will agree that all about urban planning and landscape is equally true for rural design and landscape. However, the scale is different, cost of the land is sees, size of the plot is bigger and with the closeness of nature, achievement is comparatively easy. What is important is the approach. Keeping in mind that every village to be developed into a mini town with aesthetic landscape, what would be your approach in order to achieve the desired level as stated above.


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Case Study of a House ere brief One hall/dining, one bedroom, toilet, kitchenette, verandah, economical structural system, minimum furniture. Total area around 60 sq. M. The design “The dirties of geometry’ is the theme of this design.

Since it is a guest house, the user is not going to stay for more than two to three days. Thus there will be no specific suggestion about the shape of the rooms. To achieve economy, the virtue of geometry at a circle is utilized. The periphery is less tort the same area to a circle than a square or rectangular shaped structure.

Thus the length of the wall is reduced to achieve economy.

This also makes the 23 CM load bearing structure more stable, like a well. An open verandah with built-in seating and kitchenette and with rectangular shaped toilet is added opposite to each other. A common ARC slab Joining these volumes do not allot chases for the windows placed at the Junction points. To ensure further economy, the 45 sloping AC sheet roofing allows storage space for kitchen and conceals the overhead water storage tank over the toilet.

The two skylights, one for dressing in the bedroom and one over the folding dining table allows adequate light for the central dark portion. Thus, the total composition becomes a unique combination of cylindrical, cube and triangular shapes.

The major furniture is of built-in type which minimizes the cost, and needs less maintenance. Owners of this guest house wanted more weighted to be given for economy and maintenance, Inch I have succeeded in getting. The Outcome Virtues of geometry with structural logic can create good designs.

Aesthetically and economical considerations give permanent quality to the structure, making it an architectural object and not Just a building. Issues to be Addressed : 1.

Study all details shown in the plan, the econometric view and orientation, and comment on the total planning. 2. Find out the total plinth area by preparing working drawings. 3. State various measures proposed to achieve economy in cost.

4. Give a thought to solar system for heating water, landscaping treatments, and plan’s usefulness for farm house.