Art and Music in Public Schools

When schools are faced with problems such as a lack of money and budget cuts, it is often the school’s art and music programs that are eliminated from the curriculum. Art and music play an extremely significant role in the lives of many students and it is wrong to take away something that is so important. Many people do not understand just how critical art and music programs are to the daily lives of some students. Each day, students sit through their regular classes and listen for the majority of the day. Students need a break. Taking an art or music class can provide students with a chance to be creative and express themselves.

Fine arts programs offer new challenges and experiences to students that cannot be found in a normal classroom. It is important for students to be challenged and try new things as often as possible, and with more art and music courses students will become more balanced and well rounded. In addition, courses such as band, orchestra, and other fine arts classes give children the opportunity to meet new people who have the same interests as themselves. Students will be able to socialize and become friends with people that they would not have known otherwise, and it is important that this opportunity is offered to everyone. Some children do not have the opportunities to experience art and music programs outside of school.

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Taking a private lesson to learn an instrument, or an art course outside of school can be expensive, and it is unfair to those who cannot afford it. Everyone deserves to experience art and music for themselves and see just how wonderful it really is. Students do not know how they will feel about taking an art or music class until they can experience it first hand. Although some students find things such as drawing or playing an instrument something that is enjoyable and relaxing, others may truly love it and even want to pursue it as a career. Offering fine art courses in schools can help prepare students for these future careers as well as helping them with other subjects in school.

These courses can introduce students to important academic skills that can be helpful to them in other classes. For example, there are important relationships between music and mathematics, and taking a music class might help a student improve in a math class as well. It is important to keep art and music courses open to all students, and encourage students to participate. The exceptional opportunities offered through art and music courses should not be limited to those who can afford it or have time outside of school. All students of all ages should be welcome to take art and music courses that will help them succeed in the future. Art and music courses should not be eliminated from the curriculum because of budget cuts and people should try and find ways to earn money to keep such important classes in schools.

Even if it is just a fundraiser held in the community in order to raise money for supplies. People must find a way to keep fine arts courses in schools because they play such a critical role in the lives of students.