Art History

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way.So we must dig and delve unceasingly.

“(“History of Art”) The artist Claude Monet, considered how to observe as many art works of art as possible.Just like other famous artists,they all had something in common. That was that they all had a special goal and that was that they all wanted to be part of history and be the greatest artist that they could be.Art has always been a part of every society from which there have come many famous pieces of art, and the appreciation of art. Recently, art history has been a better way to help people to appreciate the works of art based for his or her views. Art history is all around the world and has been around the world since prehistoric times to the twenty first century.

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Art history forces you to study and describe what you see. Art history is way to get informed about what art work that has been done throughout the years. Any list of most famous painting would be incomplete without the mention of the mona lisa,by Leonardo Da Vinci.This painting is so called ‘the most famous painting in the world of all time.”(“Most Famous Paintings – List of the World’s Most Popular Painting”) “the fifteenth century mural painting from Da milan and by Da Vinci, The Last Supper depicts the final feast Jesus had. Art history is important because it’s all about the way we personally think about it.

Without art in our lives(“Why Look at Art?”), we would have a sad and uncultured world.Also we all should have a chance to better visualize art because our planet earth is a visual world.Art is also important because just looking at art can make youbetter as a person and can also give you a better awearence. In conclusion, the famous artists wanted to be the greatest by establishing themselves to the history of art.Art is involved in a lot of comunities in the world and those famous artist came from those comunites trying to make everyone to understand how to have a better apprcitation for art.Now how can you apprecitate art? Try to make other people understand to not just look at art and walk away,but make them actually analyze the art thats in front of them!