Associates Program Rationale

My academic experiences since I started my education in the preparatory school have been of great impact to me. I have noticed that my way of thinking, acting and speaking have changed a lot.

After going through the education requirements in my junior school, I have learnt to think positively and widely. For instance, when I am faced with a difficult situation I usually take a positive approach towards solving the problem at hand. This is because in my academic experience I have learnt that the power of positive thinking is very important in human life. Even if one may be experiencing difficulties or problems in certain areas, it is always good to be optimistic that something good will result from the situation despite the difficulties. Moreover, it is through my academic experiences that I have learnt to act confidently. During my childhood I used to be shy and I would hesitate to do something even if I knew it was the right thing to do.

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However, I have completely changed. I guess it is because during my academic experiences, I have always had a tendency of having teachers who insist on active students’ participation in the classroom through discussions and presentations. Therefore, I have gradually gained confidence and now I can engage in a discussion with, or make a presentation to a large audience, even to those I am not familiar with. This has really helped me: now I can express my opinions, views or make suggestions without fearing what other people might think about them. Apparently, my interpersonal skills have really improved.

Unlike my junior school where I could not interact very much with other people, now I interact with my college mates, teachers, friends and neighbors very easily. I have learnt how to build a positive conversation with different kinds of people. For instance, the way I interact with my teachers is different from the way I interact with my college mates. After graduating from high school, I plan to pursue a career in nursing. I want to pursue this career because I have discovered that I am compassionate about other people and I love participating in community work.

In nursing I plan to take courses such as nutrition, psychology and sociology, which I know are complementary to nursing. Nutrition course will help me to gain knowledge how to develop healthy living through eating the required types of food. This course will help me to advice people what to eat to prevent occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes, which have become some of the common diseases in our society today. Psychology course will help me to learn how to study the human mind, as well as how to study human behavior, which is associated with the mental status of an individual. By studying this course I will be able to help people who suffer from different psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders and stress.

On the other hand, sociology course will help me to learn how to study the behavior of individuals or a group of individuals in the society. This way I will have the knowledge to solve various behavioral/social problems that our society is currently facing. Such problems include drug addiction, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence. Therefore, by taking these courses, I will be able to develop my career in nursing. As a nurse, I do not want just to help people to attain wellbeing by providing medical care, but also through ensuring that people attain mental, psychological, social and physical wellbeing. This is the direction, which I want my nursing career to take.