Atlantic Monthly Publication

The Atlantic Monthly commenced officially in the month of November, 1857 in which it was characterized as the high tide of Boston mind (Sedgwick, 1994). This is attributed to the fact that during this time Boston among other major towns contributed immensely to the enhancement of literary culture of the United States of America. The magazine has been operational for a significant amount of time leading to its present status quo. The Atlantic Publication essentially covers a variety of topic concerns targeting a wide cadre of reader groups. The founders of the Atlantic Publication essentially helped create a literary collection focusing on enhancing an intellectual culture in addition to political and social issues (Sedgwick, 2009). Moreover, it also significantly covers a wide range of contemporary art and sports subjects, for instance, its association with American football is very significant.

The authors of the magazine elementally short pieces of writing on the contemporary subject matters. In addition, it also carries critical journalism perspectives, analytical and opinion pieces especially on emerging social and political issues. The unique element about this publication is its inherent ability to fuse different elements of society issues by integrating them into a popular culture in order to capture its readers. The general slant reflected in the Atlantic Monthly Publication mostly covers serious concepts regarding emerging social, political and sport concerns. Sedgwick (2009) observes that the Atlantic has built its tradition on a culture of developing realism through fusion of literature and social life, in order to emocratize the subject matter and audience looking for serious literature (Sedgwick, 2009). Articles Summary October 2008 Issue of the Atlantic MonthlyThis article features a variety of articles addressing political, international, sports, and society related subject matters.

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The cover story immediately leads the reader towards a political and international dimension taking into account of the fact that this was actually taking place during an election period. In the October monthly issue: Jeffrey Goldberg gives us a perspective of John McCain’s views on war; James, gives an international perspective on the story of a business who had an aim of modernizing rural China; Ross Douthat gives a critical comparison on the connection between adultery and pornography; Mark Bowden gives an outlook on Football in his story on the changes taking place in football since the legendary 1958 Giants-Colts game; and Jed Perl gives a review on the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Atlantic Monthly Group, 2010). The articles in this issue are essentially short articles targeted at sensitizing the reader on the current recurring issues. In addition, it essentially adopts a critical political tone apart from the minor attempts at delving into the social and arts domain. September 2008 Issue of the Atlantic Monthly The September issue of the Atlantic monthly gives a critical outlook on emerging political differences in the American domain, environmental issues, crime subjects, changing marriage llifestyles, and a critical outlook on other social issues. In this issue the following issues are discussed: James Fallow provides an assessment of the debating skills horned by McCain and Obama; Joshua Green provides a critical review on the factors leading to the fall of the runners up presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton; Lisa Margonelli offers readers an insight on the role of termites in reducing global warming; Robert Kaplan gives a story on Burma; and Andrew Sullivan talks on the trends in gay marriage (The Atlantic Monthly Group, 2010).

This issue adopts a strong political voice by primarily focusing the top stories on the emerging differences between the three top election candidates for the 2008 election. In addition, it aims at keeping the reader focused by further adding an environmental topic given the importance readers show towards climate change concerns.What did you find most and least interesting? The most interesting subject was on Lisa Margonelli’s article found in the September 2008 issue, on the roles played by termites at solving global warming. This is because the topic captures the reader’s eye and sparks curiosity due to its strange element. I would recommend reading this article when one is relaxed due to its informative nature. The least interesting article is Ross Douthat’s article found in the October 2008 issue, on the connection between adultery and pornography since this is a rather common subject.

I would not recommend reading this article since sexual issues are currently common and most people understand them apart from the very young-aged population.