Monthly Status Report on Tax Preparation Software

Monthly Status Report on Tax Preparation Software Casey Phillips INFANT: Project Management Instructor: Jacqueline Gaillardia October 12, 2014 In this monthly update report I am going to let all of you sponsors know what is going on with the software program for tax preparation agents for the New Year. Everything is on track to be completed for the deadline that you have given me and my team, even though I have come upon a few hick-ups that might have been a problem but I have thought of a resolution to each one Just in case something did append Just before the dead line.

The first is a yellow status do to the fact that I have realized that there is a three day weekend coming up in the upcoming month just before the dead line. So I have put together a green status proposal to have any progress from all programmers sent to me by email Just before everyone takes off for the three day weekend. The second thing that I have found is a red status at the moment because this is my best programmer and he is also a senior programmer of the company and he took an early retirement package. Plus he is also the only one that knows what it takes to get the approval from the IRS.

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So in a green status I have put together a proposal for him to get me all of the information that is needed and all of his work for this project before he leaves so that we can continue forward with the project and continue to get the Job from the IRS. The third thing that is a yellow status is the fact that I have learned is that it is also hurricane season where three of my programmers live in Florida so I felt that each day they are to email me all of the ark that they complete on the project so that it can be put together and then tied in with all of the other programmers programs to get the Job completed.

The point that I have made in this report is that no matter what kind of issue that arises between now and the dead line I will find a way to fix it before it become an out of control issue, I am one that loves challenges. Because as the old saying goes “nothing is impossible Just a different kind of challenge, all things are possible”. Every team that arks as a team can accomplish anything big or small.