Australian law

The panel should then give a final recommendation to the HER Department as to which candidate should be selected. Laura felt that as she was the supervisor she should not be forced to advertise, but because it was company policy, she had better make it look good. Laura then rang Amy and told her that although she thought she was the best one for the Job, Amy would have to apply for the position once It was advertised. The HER Department clarified with Laura and Molly that the Job description was still accurate and then advertised the vacancy In the local paper.

Laura asked Molly and two other women from her section to be on the selection panel. The panel met to discuss all applications and determine which tests they would use to check the applicants’ skills and suitability for the team. Six applications were received and all met the essential selection criteria stated in the position description. The panel decided they would interview the best four applicants and agreed to give them a typing test, a innumeracy test and a personality test, which Laura had downloaded from the Internet. After the candidates had completed their tests, they would be interviewed by the panel.

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The panel prepared their interview questions based on the selection criteria and agreed that they would ask the same questions to all candidates.

Molly rang all four candidates to arrange for the tests and the Interview. When she contacted a candidate named Ben, he asked what had caused the vacancy. Molly was very helpful and explained that she was pregnant and was leaving to have her baby. Ben asked why she had not taken maternity leave. Molly answered that no one in the company had ever taken maternity leave and she thought the company would not like it if she did.

The next week all the candidates were interviewed.

All four seemed to do very well in at least one of the tests but no one was the best at all the tests. The committee started to get itself confused as to who was the best candidate and agreed that all candidates were appointee. Laura took the lead in the discussion. She commented that although Ben was best at the innumeracy test, she was not too sure about having a man as her assistant, especially as his personality test showed he was high on ‘Judging’ and she did not like people who were Judgmental. Carla was best at typing and scored high in the Interview.

She was friendly, professional and very experienced In reception ark.

Don was hard to Interview, he was very nervous and laughed too much. Although his personality test showed him as a friendly kind of person, the panel found him irritating and a know-all who really should lose some weight. Amy was the last one Interviewee. In ten panel Locutions rater ten Interviews, Laura salsa Tanat seen thought Amy was the best candidate, especially as she was already employed with the company and was known to everyone.

Molly said she had heard that Amy was sometimes a troublemaker. Laura said that it was better to ‘hire the devil you know than risk the ‘unknown’.

The panel agreed that as Laura was the supervisor, she should have the final say, and so Amy should be hired. The next week, the HER Manager rang Laura to advise that, due to a formal complaint, he was contacting all members of the selection panel to investigate whether the selection process had been satisfactory. He was very concerned, because there had been a written complaint from the legal representative of one of the applicants, Ben.

The complaint alleged that the all-female panel had discriminated against Ben, who thought he was the best candidate for the Job and felt that he had been unsuccessful because he was a man.

Ben’s lawyer also said that he had heard that discrimination was systematic in the organization because eligible female staff were too scared to apply for maternity leave, which is their legal entitlement under Australian law. The HER Manager also asked Laura to explain why he had heard office gossip that Amy had been promised the Job even before it had been advertised. 1 . Would there be any possible equal opportunity employment, or discrimination issues, with the recruitment and selection process for this Job? (Hint – look at the Job selection criteria).

2. What were the disadvantages of these recruitment methods? Once the recruitment process is finished, the company would look at selecting the best candidates for available positions. Name and describe at least two selection methods which would be reliable tools in choosing the right person for a Job as a pharmacist in a Boots store. Remember to describe specifically how the methods would be used and why you have chosen them 4. Why is Human Resource planning important to the recruitment and selection process 5.

Is there evidence of Recruitment Disadvantage due to the selection panel 6. What are the personal attributes which are asked for? What experience is required