Australian Stock Exchange Case Study

The following are these graphs and can are individually obese rhea Australian Stock Exchange (ASS) he plotted graph of the returns for the Australian stock exchange or the ‘ASS’ illustrates a very low volatile set of returns for the first half of the plotted graph Inch usually indicates positive or strong market growth for the period. Midway through the graph there is a clear stock market crash with a very sudden decrease/drop in the market which could have been caused by any number of reasons, including a chain affect from other various stock markets such as the US. He remaining returns of the ASS stock market after the stock market crash is far different to the earlier years, there is an illustration of high volatility in the market Indicating poor growth in the market, this may be a consequence of the stock market crash as it responding to the crash. ROI Tint rhea ROI Tint plotted returns graph illustrates a similar comparison to the ASS returns, as the share returns begin the recorded returns with low volatility which indicates high or positive growth in the market.

Indicates high or positive growth in the market. In comparison there is a stock market crash at the same point in time, which indicates that there must have been a global stock market crash as this is apparent in more than one of the returns graphs ND therefore the shares have crashed. Shortly after the first share market crash there is also a second crash, this could be a consequence of other factors. Post the share price crash there is low volatility in the share growth, indicating good or positive performance in the shares.

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Overall, the shares performed well over the period from the illustration of valiantly in the graph.

rhea Australia New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZA) Throughout the returns recorded, the performance of the ANZA shares did not perform as well as the ROI Tint shares, as there are both periods of low and high totality. He beginning of the shares recorded illustrates strong or good performance in the ANZA share prices. However, throughout the middle and end of the share prices, has high/extremely high volatility, which indicates low or poor performance in the share returns.

The poor performance may be explained by the stock market crash in the ASS which may have had a longer term effect of the share prices as confidence may be low in the market etc. rhea Commonwealth Bank to Australia ( Commonwealth Bank (CAB) shares in the market performed well in the first recorded period, with clear low volatility indicating good or positive growth and performance of he shares in the Australian stock market. rhea middle of the recorded period the volatility begins to emerge higher than previous, which seems to be a similar trend against other shares, which indicates a stock market crash in the ASS.

Post the stock market crash, the shares are clearly reacting to the crash with higher volatility, with the shares ending the recorded period with lower volatility indicating stronger performance and growth. Overall n comparison to the ANZA shares who are in the same sector as the CAB, the CAB shares from the illustrated graph show less volatile shares indicating that the Meany’s shares have had the benefit of good performance and growth over the period. Millionths Limited (WOW) Overall the Woolworth shares illustrate high volatility throughout the recorded period, indicating poor performance and low growth.

There are various explanations to this; this may be a consequence of other companies in the market such as LAID and Coles that may be taking market share away from WOW and affecting its share prices and performance, alternatively it may be for other various reasons such and announcements etc. There is also a stock market crash in the middle of the recorded period illustrated in all of the share rises. However it must be commented that over the share market crash, the WOW share prices have unfamiliar trend, with the shares becoming of lower volatility compared to the beginning of the period, indicating improved performance.

Tellers Limited (TLS) rhea TLS in comparison to other companies performed overall throughout the recorded period very poorly, as from the illustration in the graph; there is very high totality in the share prices, which indicates poor/bad performance and growth in the share prices. There are numerous share prices crashes in the period which may indicate that the hares or section of the market is volatile and of high risk, this may be of a consequence of new various telecommunication companies entering the market and affecting Telltale’s performance.

Overall Analysis: rhea overall analysis of the recorded shares from the period indicates that there is several different trends and a recurring factor. Over the period various company shares performed well with low volatility such as ROI and CAB, while others performed poorly in comparisons such as W W and COM tort various other doctors. rhea recurring factor mentioned is a clear stock market crash in the Australian stock exchange in the middle of the recorded period, which affects all of the share prices dramatically crashing the shares and affecting the shares post the crash.