A Reader Ad Critique

This is an advertisement for Tropicana orange juice. It has an orange looking sunrise in the background, but it also looks like this orange background could be orange juice. The new, plastic, clear Tropicana orange juice bottle is displayed in the center of this advertisement. This implies that by drinking this orange juice, you will feel like you had a good night’s sleep and you will be ready to take on the day.

But this advertisement is bad because it lies.At the top of the ad are these words: “THE WORLD’S BEST JUICE. Now in the WORLD’S BEST BOTTLE.” Under that it says, “Our new clear bottle. Easy to handle. Easy to pour.

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Easy to love.” And at the bottom of the page it reads “HERE COMES THE SUN.” The punctuation in the first part should be changed from a period to a comma. It needs a comma because instead of the saying the best juice now comes in the best bottle it reads the world’s best juice period, then a different idea saying now in the best bottle. It would make more sense with the comma.

The statement implies this bottle is the best bottle ever invented. This is bad because there is no proof that it’s the best bottle. With the statement “Easy to love,” it implies you will love this juice no matter what. But there is no way to prove that you will.The persuasion techniques used in this video are Intensity, Charisma, New, and Symbols. Intensity was used in the words.

The superlative, “world’s best” was used twice; but this juice might not even be the best juice in the world. They don’t have any proof to guarantee it is the country’s best. Charisma is the next technique used. Because the ad is worked in such a confident and strong way, the reader may not agree completely with the statement. But since the confidence is there, that the consumer might go along with it.

New is another technique. With the new bottle, readers assume that this bottle is better since it’s newer, and if they don’t have the new one, they will want to go buy it. This is bad because I have experienced a defect in the bottle, where it leaked. The last technique used is Symbols. There are two symbols used in this advertisement. The first one is the use of the word love.

It implies that anyone who drinks this orange juice will love it. The Subtext is when you love the juice, you will feel happy and forget about your problems. They’re suggesting everything will be alright if you drink this juice. But again there is no way to prove this. The other symbol used is the use of the sun.

The juice in the background is mixed up and has different shades of orange. And with the changes in color it appears to be the sunrise. The sunrise implies this juice will help you take on the day. This is bad because it will give people the impression that if they drink the juice all the problems throughout the day will be easier to tackle.There is clearly some information missing in this advertisement. The most obvious is the price.

Without the price, the reader has no idea what the product costs. The ad also doesn’t contain locations where you can get the juice. So to people who have never purchased juice , they might not know where to go to get it. It also doesn’t show any ingredients, in case someone is allergic to anything in the juice.Overall this ad implies everyone already loves their juice, that the new bottle is the best thing ever and that with this juice, you should be ready to take on the day. But in actuality, you might not like orange juice, you might not love Tropicana and this juice won’t make you ready to take on the day.

It’s all a lie, to make you buy their product.